LED Lenser Flashlight (3 Choices)

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Tac Torch $17.99 + shipping
T7 $21.99 + shipping
P7 $24.99 + shipping


Tac Torch $35.02
T7 $30.12
P7 $26.35

Meh. If you’re looking for a cute little flashlight that’s very well behaved and quite bright, get one of these.

If you’re looking for something bright enough to use for a weapon (on high, anyway), then get something with a 16340 (123-size, higher voltage) or 18650 (similar but twice as long) battery.

I keep a tiny (lipstick-sized) 16340 torch in my pocket, a bit over 200 lumens, and my wife keeps a (small handheld-sized) 18650 torch in her purse, around 500 lumens. (They’re both rated much higher, but that’s about what they put out.)

You can get either flashlight, with 2 rechargeable batteries and a charger, for about $20 (incl. shipping) from several websites in Hong Kong.

They’ll be less well-finished than these, but will work well. And, seriously, dangerously bright.

Is there a big difference between the T7 and the P7? I have the T7 from the last deal and absolutely love it, but was thinking I should keep one on my go pack and one in the car. The P7 is more expensive, but why? The specs don’t look all that different.

The P7 is lighter, has the same lumen specs and the same Focusing. It doesn’t list the battery endurance for the P7, but I would imagine it’s similar due to same batteries and LED/Lens setup.

Let’s read some additional info on the P7 over at ledlenser.com

Great reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) on the P7 over at amazon

Check out the comments when the P7 and T7 were offered in July

also check out when the P7 was offered on it’s own in May

My department switched over to LedLenser flashlights a few years ago, they work great, a lot of light and long life out of the 3x aaa batteries.

I bought the T7 a while back from woot and it is one of the highest quality flashlights I own. Most of the Chinese non brand name flash lights I own have severe quality control problems and bad design.

If anyone out there is as confused as I was about choosing the best flightlight for your needs, here’s a link to a guide that clearly explains the types and uses. It includes a glossary.

CREE XML-T6 1,800-Lumen 5-Mode LED Flashlight for $10 + free shipping
Pombomall via eBay offers this CREE XML-T6 1,800-Lumen 5-Mode LED Flashlight for $9.99 with free shipping. That’s $4 under our May mention and the best price we’ve seen for CREE XML-T6 1,800-lumen flashlight. (It’s a current price low for a comparable flashlight by $4.) It’s equipped with a Cree XM-L T6 LED bulb and features an aluminum alloy body. Three AAA batteries are required, but not included.

Hmmmm… Lazy day at the office Woot!? Lots of folks call in sick!? :slight_smile:

I’m thinking that I understand the difference. The T7 (tactical) shows a modular switch with boost, full, low and off switch. It also has a visibly beefier housing meant for mounting to a firearm.

The P7 has a simpler switch just High, Low, Off. However, it’s housing is less thick as it doesn’t need to handle the abuse of recoil and such.

To me, though, why would you pay 4$ more for a quarter of an ounce of less material and a simpler switch?

If you want lighter and easier.

Nice that the guy eventually turns out to be a flashlight, because a lifelong love affair with a battery operated device would be a little weird…

Batteries included?! That changes everything!

I can only seem to select multiples of the same item, what if I want one of each?

I guess you can add one of each type and they will all appear in your cart.

I have a lot of small LED flashlights but the Tac Torch I bought here a while back has become the one I always choose. The combination lens/reflector movement to focus the beam seemed gimmicky to me but now that I have it, it works great. It is the most versatile pocket flashlight I own. (Note: good for jacket pocket or temporarliy in large pants pocket. It’s too big to carry around all the time in my pants pocket.)

The quality is also very good and I’m still on the first set of AAA batteries after a few months of on and off use. They have lasted longer than I expected.

I haven’t dropped or otherwise banged up my Tac Torch so can’t really say about reliability.

I’m going to get either the T7 or P7 now…or maybe both.