LED Lenser Flashlight (4 Options)

The Tac Torch is great. I ended up buying 2 because I liked it so much. When all the lights were offered on one of the Plus sites I bought them all, however must of them havent arrived yet, so I can only offer you input on the Tac Torch.

I bought the dual color (red/white LED) model during the recent woot off and am very unimpressed by its brightness. Plus the buttons feel cheap like they could fall out of it.

The T7 / 175 Lumen has 9 ratings on Amazon, all 5-star. Tempted…


Agreed, I am also very happy with my recent Tac Torch purchase. Good amount of light, sturdy construction, and it fits nicely in my hand.

I got a Tac Torch last week, and I’m so impressed with it that I’m in for 2 more. By far the best flashlight I’ve ever used, in terms of finish, brightness and focus.

You may not have heard of Led Lenser, but im sure you’ve heard of Coast brand flashlights. If im not mistaken, Coast developed the LED LENSER model Coast flashlight and then decided to keep the Led Lenser name for their flashlight line.

I’ve owned several Led Lenser flashlights as we sell them at my work. Of these, the only one i’ve not messed with is the 95 lumen V2. My first LED Lenser was a V2Dual Color, which i also was unimpressed with. It is a perfect light for someone who needs illumination with night vision, though… Just not for me. Does not have any focusing of the beam, either. And yes, the buttons feel cheap.

On to the Tac Torch, and the start of my favorite parts about the LED Lensers. The one hand focus system. you just slide the end of the light with your hand. Sounds difficult, but it’s not. Also this one can be mounted to … er… anything with a picatinny rail with the correct mounting kit.

The T7… I have one on my hip right now. It’s a hoss, and packs a punch. A little weighty for your belt, but way brighter than my D cell MagLite so great for when you need a bright flash light.

The most important piece of info i could think of to put here is this; I have washed two of my LED Lensers (M1, K3) FOUR TIMES in the washing machine by accident, and my T7 has been drenched multiple times in rain storms and they continue to work flawlessly. Also the warranty is great. I had a faulty switch on my first K3, sent it back and they gave me a brand new one with the updated CREE.

I only wish that woot would have included the M1, which is my favorite LED Lenser light. It’s small, light weight, bright and uses CR123 batteries (great output and works great with rechargeables)

Is this too late for the apocalypse?

I bought the 95 Lumen on the last Woot-Off like 1-2 weeks ago and I confirm that it is brighter than the S&W LED Flashlight that I got. It is truly a 95 Lumen from 500 feet away. Those cheap flashlights would not even come close. I’m going to be purchasing a lot more of these flashlights now as I want to replace all the ones that I have for bikes, guns and cars.

I have one too. One thing that I have noticed with LED lights is their throw distance is MUCH farther. I can literally hit the light on a house about 600+ feet away at night.

Check out this video on the one hand focusing. I’m torn between the T7 and Tac.


Forgot the link, oops.

The Tac Torch was my all-time favorite flashlight, until I got the T7 from the pop.woot! http://pop.woot.com/offers/led-lenser-t7-175-lumen-flashlight-1

It is a bit larger than I’d like, and probably too much for EDC, but it’s my new favorite. Bright, relatively small, and adjustable flood/spot beam. If they could shrink this down to pocket-size, they’d have the perfect flashlight.

Apparently, I am a flashlight junkie… I just checked, and yes, I have the V2 dual-color too.

It stinks. It’s too big to carry daily, but too small and underpowered for real night-time use. The red LED is not “lensed”, and throws a very uneven light, as do the white LEDs.

It might be useful for star parties, where you just use the red light to check your charts occasionally, but I would hope that for the same price, or even just a couple of bucks more, someone will make a nice EVEN red LED light for such uses.

I suppose it would be a good flashlight to give to kids who are likely to break it or lose it before they realize how crappy it is. Otherwise, hold out for a Bucket Of Carnauba, which will undoubtedly have plenty of V2 dual colors in them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  1. There is a newer version of the v2 (5 star reviews at Amazon) which has higher lumens, longer runtime, and may have a better main beam: http://www.amazon.com/LED-Lenser-880040-Flashlight-Function/dp/B0054L0NQG

  2. Led Lenser may have been owned by Coast in the past, but I purchased an extra flashlight sheath at Led Lenser’s website, and the email confirmation that I got for the order came from Leatherman, so it would appear that they are owned by Leatherman now. Plus, if you search online for Coast and Lenser, most of what comes up are older flashlights, i.e. not what is on LED Lenser’s website.

Would Leatherman own Coast as well?

Actually, confirmed the parent company is Leatherman at this website: http://www.ledlenser.com/about

In for 3 more V2 dual colors. Good deal at $7.99. I picked three up at another woot and like the compact size and red lens.

Is there a dedicated mount for this light?

Lenser Tac Torch Flashlight - Fantastic!

Due to personal reviews here on woot I picked up 3 Lenser Tac Torchs last time they were offered. I am really impressed with the quality build and the true 100 lumen the light produces. It is also handler friendly in that you may elect to turn the light off and on with pressure only, by gently pushing and releasing the button or you can give it a full click off/on so the light can stay on if needed, hands free. Also, having the ability to adjust the lens and beam make this a perfect, working, carry anywhere flashlight. I have put one in each car and in my motorcycle bag. I may just have to pick up a couple more because the price is certainly right for this quality and I am sure I will think of a place and use for them before they arrive.

Price, function,convenience, I can highly recommend this flashlight. You will be well, well, pleased!

The T7 is really a fantastic flashlight. It puts my MAG light LED units to shame…

Its incurably bright, durable, fast focus is really neat.

They do fall out. I was taking the light out of the packaging lost one of the buttons. Pulled the other one out just to see how easy it is… Very. They’re just held in by a rubber grommet. Not gonna brag about this light.

I bought 3 of the V2 Dual Color last week (?) on Woot. I hear lots of pooh-pooh on this light today, but I must have gotten the only 3 really nice ones ever sold.

They are really bottom-end by tactical flashlight standards, but extremely nice by consumer standards. The red light is plenty bright for checking around for stuff in a tent at night after you’ve already gotten your night vision. The main torch is plenty bright for all other near field purposes (it is only rated at 45m after all).

And for $8 you absolutely will not find a better deal on a light with this much power for its size.

Again, it’s not overbuilt, it’s not mega bright, but it’s an excellent value for a better-than-normal build and better-than-normal luminosity.

It’s a great gift at the least. $20+ value on a gift for any guy.