LED Lenser Flashlights, Your Choice

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LED Lenser Flashlights, Your Choice
Price: $29.99 - 159.99
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Condition: New


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Super tempted on the m7rx. I have the p5r.2 and love it.

Anyway, the lumens specs aren’t really listed well here. So here they are by model.

M3r: 220 lumens
M7: 400 lumens
M7r: 400
M7rx: 600 lumens
M17r: 850 lumens

Here’s where you can see all their current offerings


I bought a P14 from Woot a while back, and while it can be really bright and seems well made, within a few months the full bright mode started to fail. Not sure if this is an issue with the switch or contacts or design. I’ve tried cleaning all of the contacts and re-seating the switch components, but usually get the same iffy results.

Anybody else see this behavior? Any idea where the source of the issue is and how to fix it?

Thanks TwoBits!
Dumb A$$e$ trying to sell flashlights without listing the Lumens. Can we sell Woot back to the folks that started it now?

My non-woot p5r had switch problems kind of similar to yours. I never tried disassembling the switch mechanism, though. LED lenser has a pretty fantastic warranty. I’d contact them. They asked mei to send in my light and they sent me a working P5r2. (I’m not sure how the warranty works when purchasing through woot).

Anyway. If you have problems, let LED lenser know. I have a few of their products and they’ve proven to stand behind them.

Send it back to lenser, they will fix it or replace with new one. I have done this. They back their product 100%

Actually Woot did list the lumens in the description. Twobits just wanted to make the lumen specs easier to find rather having to read through the entire description :wink:

Thanks guys. I figured that buying it through Woot! would limit the warranty, but I’ll give sending it back to Lenser a try and see what happens.

I think they changed the description. When I was looking into which one I might want, it wasn’t listed. Now it’s there clear as day. There is, however, one light that still doesn’t have it listed.


I just checked. The warranty info link on the woot site goes right to the warranty page on LED Lenser’s site. So it looks like the standard (read: AWESOME) warranty.

Just do it. I didn’t even need the receipt I couldn’t find from my original purchase from our tool guy who doesn’t come here anymore.

Just read the comments here, some reviews online and placed my order for an M7R. I’ve been looking for a quality rechargeable and this seems to get very positive reviews. Thanks to all of you for your input. It’s most always helpful!

I don’t know the quality of these flashlights, but I bought a couple of them on eBay for around 5 dollars and they are about 5000 lumens. The quality are very good for just a few dollars.

It’s in the mail and on its way :slight_smile: