LED Lenser Flashlights

The battery run times are way off. Repost the specs,… Whoever posted this apparently can’t read.

There’s only one with a battery life listed. Why do you think it’s off?

They are not off, ME thinks the orig poster is seeing the distance and THINKS it means minutes. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt (I work in IT), but in this case, it’s a “ID 10-T” error.

T5.2: PERFORMANCE SPECS: 140 lumens, max distance 120M, max battery life 4H, water resistance rating IPX4.

P14.2: PERFORMANCE SPECS: max 320 lumens (min 50), max distance 270M (min 100M),max battery life 2H (min 40H), water resistance rating IPX4.

P17.2: PERFROMANCE SPECS: max 450 lumens (min 50), max distance 420M (min 140M), max battery life 30H (min 300H), water resistance rating IPX4.

There, hope that helps clear up the problem (even though the specs are there but in order form biggest light to smallest). :wink:

And FWIW, the P14.2 runs 80 bucks on the mother ship w/prime. And from what I gather, this verision is an upgrade to the previous version (it has the red ring on the inside of the lens which is the improved model. Not sure what was improved but cool. I already have a couple of monster bright flashlights or I would grab one of these. Not today though. If it was 5 bucks less (Woot wink wink), I would. That would be the 17.2 model…

I like how nobody even bothered to reply. Like, Uhhh, yeah, dude.

The specs are from the screen shots from Lenser’s website. The runtime is for high and low. I’m a little baffled that this could be confusing?

I applaud the restraint…

If you look at the photo chart compared to the printed specs:

For the P5.2:
Photo shows 400 Lumins max at 1H run time, and 40 lumins min at 30H run time.
Printed text shows 140 Lumins. and battery life of 4 Hours

Photo shows 4 X AAA
Print shows 1 X AA

Even the Beam Distances are different.

With the two larger lights, their text agrees with their photo charts.

Thank you so much. I’m sending this info to the sports team.