LED Lenser H7 155 Lumen Headlamp

Lot’s of very good reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Let’s watch a video review [youtube=lhuTfD24aXw][/youtube]

Let’s read some additional info on the product page

This is the one. This is the price. This mix of light weight and powerful beam is off the charts and if you’ve been waiting for the best LED Lenser deal for the last month THIS IS THE ONE.

In for two and I will regret it not being three by morning.

Here are some good reviews from KnifeCenter

Never mind. In for three.

Bought one of these last time they were on Woot. I have maybe 5 other headlamps, one of them a pretty nice Coleman lamp. But this H7 put them all to shame. There’s really no comparison. The battery life combined with the brightness/clarity of the beam makes this one of the best buys for the money.

Looks like a great price… But, no red light?

I wonder how it compares to the Black Diamond Icon.


  • Lighter; doesn’t need a third strap over the top of your head
  • 90% of the lumens
  • 28% of the price
  • Lacks the strobe/flash/whatever settings that have you carrying the instructions for two weeks
  • No red gel

Coast makes a similar light that has better build quality and a brighter LED. I own the Coast and I own this headlamp. The Coast would be better for hiking and this one is great for working on things. The coast is much brighter but has a halo beam pattern (light brighter at the edges) and this one has an excellent even beam pattern but not as wide as the Coast. I am in 4 1 as I cracked the lens on my H7 from dropping it on the ground too many times while working on the cars.

In for the big “3”. One will be a gift for my Son, the two are for me. One in the emergency car kit the other is for home use. Digging into dark closets and such stuff.

I have one. Recommended. When you’re wearing it in the dark, you forget that it’s dark. And then when you come inside, you forget you have it on.

I have purchased 2 of these from Amazon…and now 3 more here. These are some darn nice headlamps for an AWESOME price!

The box my previous ones came in says they are rated at:
200 lumens @ 150 meters for 1.5 hours on high and
3 lumens @ 20 meters for 85 hours on low.

I use mine all the time to walk my dog at night, with the power turned down (infinite adjustment) as low as I can and still be able to see…and the batteries lasted a month or better.

I am somewhere between peeved and irked right now. I just bought a headlamp for night runs this past Saturday. $30 got me 40 lumens.
It was a leading brand (I like eating ‘pretzels’ for carbs and salt after a run.) And it was their compact model. (At the local Indian restaurant, my wife loves their Chicken ‘Tikka’ Masala.)
But still, $30 got me 40 lumens. I’ve got an overnight run coming up in another state, 155 lumens should help me on unfamiliar roads. I figure if a car hits me when I have 155 on, then he was aiming for me.
In for 1.

I have an unhealthy addiction to collecting headlamps - they are just the most handy things when you need them. Had one that I LOVED from woot from a few years ago that broke a couple weeks ago. Woot must have cameras setup @ my house. TV yesterday, headlamp today, tomorrow…? Nice call on this Woot, good price for what looks like a great headlamp.

GREAT COMMENT! Btw, I will likely be in for 2. I have read reviews, and this seems like one that is good for some hiking, and short backpacking trips, night runs, and I could really use one around the campsite and working at home.

Anyone ever used one of these for night running? Does it stay on your head well? Provide enough light to see your path well enough to not faceplant the pavement/trail?

Not that good of a deal… I bought the same one at Meritline for $7.79 (on sale) month or so ago - You can get it now for $11.99. It’s awesome, super bright. I use it all the time.

NOT the same one. Yours is an HK knockoff made to LOOK like this one. No lumens listed, definitely inferior hinge, likely inferior reflector, focusing mechanism, wiring …