LED Lenser H7 155 Lumen Headlamp

**Item: **LED Lenser H7 155 Lumen Headlamp
Price: $19.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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8/21/2013 - $19.99 (Woot-off) - 4 comment(s)
8/21/2013 - $19.99 (Woot-off) - 4 comment(s)
8/21/2013 - $19.99 (Woot-off) - 4 comment(s)

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Some additional info can be found over at ledlenser.com

Great reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Let’s watch this thorough review [youtube=lhuTfD24aXw][/youtube]

Compare to Home Depot at 3x the price

Last time these were sold on “WOOT” I bought 3 sets.

One for the Home…
One for the Car …
and the last one as a gift…

The quality is excellent and the price is a “STEAL”. You will spend more on a piece of junk at Walmart. I know this, because I did ,LOL …

Every home needs a few of these,in case of a blackout … if you need both hands while looking for something at the back of a dark closet …if you build models and need to see better for that extra fine work… while having the use of both hands, or just threading a needle …You will be glad you have one of these near by.

Just picked up my most wanted woot! I saw this guy first on a combo deal and missed it, so for a fortnight or two I’ve been wishing a repeater-Woot! Thankfully, the woot!-merchandisers were accommodating. It’s on it’s way and I’m ecstatic. I do lots of onsite PCB diagnosing and this little gem should be my right (and left)-hand man.

The reviews are overwhelmingly positive and I know this is what I’m looking for when doing technical (or offen-defen/sive) work. I will miss a red-light function for my pyrotechnical needs, but hey, I’m sure it could be fitted with a red filter with a shred of ingenuity.

In combo with the woot!-astic T7 I picked up on a previous woot! there will be no (theoretical) zombies gnawing on my carcass! Spot for the shot and flood for the W

I bought three last time. I will buy three more this time. These are great. They light up an illuminated room no problem. Great gear for all locations and occasions. Great for camping, hiking, work, home, garage, etc. The list goes on and on. Don’t miss out on this one.

I already have a lightweight headlamp for hiking (weighs about half as much as this one) but wanted a headlamp for around the house (so my hiking one does not get misplaced) so I bought this at the last woot (mostly because nothing much on woot has tickled my fancy lately, and sometimes you just must get your woot on). This is an excellent headlamp, the focus and brightness adjustments are great features and the price is right.

I bought two of these bad boys last time they were on…one for home and one for the camp. When sitting out by the fire smoking a stogie, I had it on and the brightness was superb. The infinite focus and brightness adjustments are an awesome feature as well. I nearly bought a headlamp from one of the much more expensive companies but this was a steal at this price!

US company?

The guy scares me a bit, but this video does a good job of showing and comparing the H7 against other flashlights both indoors and out. [youtube=C9wAW37ehr0][/youtube]

These lights are so good Woot is offering them in both sport.woot and sport.woot plus!

Excellent light for hiking, working on the house, etc. Battery life is amazing. I think I’m well into 5+ hours on the same batteries.

WTF is up Wyoming? It does get dark there, or does everyone just go to bed early and never need the greatness that is a head mounted light? Wyoming has mining, I’m pretty damn sure. GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

I’d been looking at this one for a bit - just purchased one. Thanks woot!

fast shipping,i like the product. thanks

Why do they show this product with six (6) DURACELL batteries, then send it out with six Led Lenser batteries?
A six pack of DURACELL’S would cost you a percentage of the total cost of this unit. this was a factor in my decision to buy this item.

I would bet that the Duracell batteries were simply used for the photos. You can certainly email Woot Member Services to see if they can help, though. Along with the situation, be sure to include your order number and user ID. support@woot.com

I certainly factored in the Duracell batteries. If the batteries sent are a lesser quality, I would be disappointed.