LED Lenser H7 155 Lumen Headlamp

**Item: **LED Lenser H7 155 Lumen Headlamp
Price: $19.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Bought one a while back here and love it. I use it for work every day. Usually keep it on higher setting intermittently throughout the my shifts and its good for at least 24hrs. Perfect for hands free working in tight, dark spaces obviously but it’s comfortable as well.

I have ordered 3 of these at this point. First time around I ordered one for me and 1 for my buddy. We made em fit with our helmets for some night riding along with my normal bar light. This thing is perfect for that. My dad used it when he was over helping me with some stuff so I ordered him one and he said it is much brighter than any of the ones he owns. He used it in the attic and was glad it lit the whole place up.

I have a few of these, and I love them.

In fact, I actually… well… I proposed to one. Sadly, I was rejected; her cold unblinking eye just stared at me. I’m not sure what I did wrong, but it would seem my love is just too one-sided.

But one can still hope. And buy more.

Are these intrinsically safe?

Bought this on a previous woot, works great and I use it all the time for projects around the house. I wanted to get a bunch more for the family so we could just get rid of all our light fixtures, but the wife vetoed that.

I bought this headlamp a couple weeks ago. I’m a bit of a flashlight nut and had been looking for a headlamp and even though I’m not an LED Lenser fan, I picked this up. It’s not a bad price but the beam profile on this thing is HORRIBLE. It has SO many artifacts and tint shifts throughout the beam ESPECIALLY when zoomed out a lot, you get yellow rings around the outside of the blue beam. Also, even when fully zoomed out, the beam isn’t NEARLY wide enough for typical up-close headlamp work. Every one of my 1x18650 lights has a wider spill than this thing does when zoomed out. I have a feeling I’ll never use it…

I bought one of these a while ago on a different site. I took it backpacking along the App Trail this past weekend. It was the first time using it. We started hiking in around 8:00 PM EDT, so it was already dark. Went in about three miles to camp it it had already started to fail.

The light would no longer adjust brightness. The slider for the brightness control is loose or something. If I squeeze in on the casing, it works. But, for it to last less than 3 miles… I’m disappointed.

I got one of these headlamps brand new in the (really sharp edged) blister pack in my bag of crap last week, and I think it is pretty good. The light is much brighter than my old headlamp and is more comfortable to wear since some of the weight is behind the head. I’m not too sure how durable it will be though, it seems like there are a lot of failure points though with so many bells and whistles.

I’m with Mathew. I have an EverReady brand I bought here years back that got eaten by the house. Hope it shows up someday.

I don’t remember the specs but it was more comfortable, easy to use and had a far superior beam than the H7. Decent light but with all the good reviews on here I expected more.

Could you go running with one of these without it falling off?

Does anyone use this in the garage working on cars ? If so, does it help in dark spots under the hood or under the chassis ? I am considering buying this to help me work on the car. Can this focus on a point about 1.5’ in front of you effectively ?

Not comfortably I don’t think. The battery pack is on the back of your head housing 3 AAA batteries (included), it would probably shift around unless you got the thing adjusted painfully tight. I don’t think it’s designed to be used the way you’re talking about using it.

Bought mine the last time it was on woot, no problems, love it. battery life is great. No issues with the zoom. I use it when I’m working on equipment, I work in attics and use it to look into safe deposit locks that I’m breaking in to. It’s handy for an old coot, the fact you can tilt it down means you can put the light where it will still help when you’re looking through your bifocals. If you need to be handsfree and see what you’re doing in the dark this is great. A bargain at this price, I just ordered two more to give as Christmas gifts.

The H7 is an amazingly bright light. I got mine last time on woot for I think 25$, but sadly lost it. I upgraded to the H-14 which uses AA batteries and lasts longer, and (while the H7 blew me away brightness wise) completely kills the H7’s light output, as well as having 8 more features such as strobe\etc (the strobe is literally defense mode, you would give people a seizure it is so bright and fast).

The other benefit of the H-14 is you can clip it onto your bike, or your belt, or whatever you please.

Anyway, the H7 is a fantastic light, but the next step up (H14) I find very cool just to have it on your belt-buckle in spot-light mode, you can forget about night. On the head it’s far more secure to me as of the top strap.

Anyway, for this price the H7 is a steal, if you aren’t used to high quality flashlights\headlamps, this will blow you away the same way it did me, that is until I got the H14 :stuck_out_tongue:

rats, I’d been waiting for the mail patiently; finally checked and find my order was “refunded” without any notice.