LED Lenser M7.1 Flashlight

I bought the P17.2 (3 D cell light). It still has the original batteries installed and I’d say I’ve used it 10 hours total on it’s highest settings. But what I found as the D light has a 30H on high and 300H on low. But LED’s that use the “D” batteries are normally longer run times. I paid $37 for my light so I think these prices for these lights are a little pricey. They are nice lights IMO and seem to be built well but with the smaller lights having such low run times, I wouldn’t consider one even if it was 10-15 bucks cheaper. The box they come is pretty heavy duty but too bad I couldn’t find a use for it. I guess with a few hundred, you could build a wall or something. :wink: Just my 2 cents.

This is 10 years old. Yeah maybe $100 ten years ago. $5 now

Doesn’t look like it can use an 18650 battery. Bummer.

I love that the “Get Fit” link brings me to a flashlight sale. I guess its so i can see the doritos when i’m hiding in the closet.

Heh. Scroll down. There are fitness events lower down on the page.

But I like your use case.

I’m just doing my civic duty (or being a jerk) and mentioning that you could purchase a light rated at 4 or 5 times the power at half the price.