LED Lenser P6X Flashlight

Got this last time it was on, solid torch for the price. In general I prefer the units that use the 123 lithium battery for the longevity and the fact that you have nearly full power until the batteries are dead whereas standard alkalines slowly lose their oomph until you have essentially a candle in your hand.

I’m a little dubious on the battery life stats for that reason. You may well get 2 hours of light at the max power setting, but after about 30 minutes I definitely noticed the degradation.

So, as always, just have extra batteries available. I’d definitely get these again as at least a backup in my pack to use in case my main M&P 6 (also a Woot buy) goes down. That one is rated at 307 lumens and I can spotlight the tops of trees with it. Linky:


My observed run time on high is greater than 2 hours, but not a ton more, and when the batteries are usually about $5 each you want it to run forever. So this will remain my primary, but I like the P6X as well.

Bonus - not listed in the specs is that a belt case is included with the P6X. At least it was with mine, YMMV.