LED Lenser P7 175 Lumen Flashlight

**Item: **LED Lenser P7 175 Lumen Flashlight
Price: $24.99
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5/27/2013 - $24.99 - 19 comment(s)

Tons of comments from this moofi sale

Great reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at amazon

[Mod edit] corrected rating.

Grabbed this last time it was up. If you need to blind helicopter pilots, this should do the trick.

I agree with the Amazon reviewer that mentions this is not a voltage regulated flashlight. If using this on high, expect a steady decline in brightness as the batteries drain. The reviewers testing with Eneloops was 50% brightness after 95 minutes. Not bad at all.

I’ve used this on low power during a blackout for 8 to 10 hours straight, it was still going.

Overall an excellent flashlight at a great price point.

The voltage regulation point that always comes up is one which I can’t decide is positive or negative. On one hand having a voltage regulated flashlight (not this flashlight) would be nice because it would consistently put out the same high output of light the whole time until… it goes dark on you. I understand why its nice to have a consistent high output but being in the middle of something and having it go out wouldn’t be cool…

On the other hand, having a direct drive non regulated flashlight (like this flashlight) would be giving you constant feedback that its nearly time to change batteries, at the tradeoff of losing some brightness over time.

The way I see it is if you’re absolutely needing the highest output possible all the time, for say police work or something important, then you’d want a voltage regulated flashlight that costs way more than this one. If you just want a flashlight for around the house or car, then a flashlight like this might be a better choice.

Because, when the zombie apocalypse comes, blinding helicopter pilots will be a priority!

Lets view this video from NothingButPinkMist [youtube=N_3EZ7BsWtY][/youtube]

Was last item I got as a Police Officer before retirement - Great size and powerful light that shines on better than most others. Fits in pocket - bright and Super good price! Get one or 2 for those emergencies or when you really need a light that works.

If you’re using rechargeable NiMH batteries it won’t matter. NiMH batteries put out a constant 1.2v under load. When the batteries get close to “empty” the voltage begins to drop, and then you would see a dimming of the light and know it’s time for new batteries. With alkaline batteries, they put out 1.5v when fresh and gradually lose voltage as they drain. With alkaline batteries you would get a brighter light with fresh batteries, but will see the light dimming the whole time as the batteries lose charge.

Even with a voltage regulated flash light it won’t suddenly “go dark.” The voltage regulator would regulate the output to the light at probably 1.0v to 1.2v. With a voltage regulated light you wouldn’t get the constant dimming with alkaline batteries as they drain. You will get the same results with rechargeable batteries with or without voltage regulation.

Being sold on Amazon for $28.58 + free shipping… So if you want to buy just one its cheaper @ Amazon. Sellout’s cheaper if you’re buying 2 or 3.


It is cheaper on Amazon…

Thanks. The video answered a question I had. The description says two light outputs - 130 and 30 lumens but the Amazon description says “175 Lumens, 135 Lumens, and 30 Lumens.” Clicking the button you cycle through 135 and then 30 lumens. To gt the 175, you hold the button down. And the video showed you can take the top off, like a MagLite, for more of a flooding action, great for hanging from the top of a tent.

Compare this light to the Sipik SK-68. The sipik is brighter, lighter, a lot smaller, runs on a single AA battery, the battery lasts several times longer, all at 1/3 the price.

The Lenser has two brightness modes. woooo.

Why does anyone buy these “laser flashlights”???

Got one last time - GREAT! Buy it.

When I first got this, I thought it was almost the perfect flashlight. After a few months as my EDC, I have determined that it is not. It is really too big and heavy for EDC. As mentioned above, it does not have voltage regulation, so it starts dimming after the first time it is turned on. (Thanks for clarifying that y’all! I was under the misinformation that this did have voltage regulation, and I thought it was just a piece of junk.)

The most annoying “feature” is that it is only actually a ~130 lumen light! Even when holding down the button “half-way” (which takes a very steady hand to find that critical balance point without turning the light off) the “high-power” mode only lasts for a split second before the light visibly dims almost back to it’s standard mid-power setting. I don’t think it EVER actually reaches 175lumens.

These would undoubtedly be the reasons it’s being sold as a closeout on woot!

Back to the search for the perfect EDC flashlight…

I have the T7 (tactical version of the P7). In all honesty, it’s not the perfect flashlight, however when everyone has Surefire flashlights with those damn expensive C123A batteries that die after just a few hours, the P7/T7 is so much better. I use Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries and I’m usually getting around 10 hours of run time before needing to replace them.

IMO this type of flashlight is OVERKILL…i cant imagine the need/purpose for a super light other than bragging rights