LED Lenser P7 Flashlight & H5 Headlamp

Some additional info on the P7 can be found over at ledlenser.com

Very good reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) on the P7 over at amazon

Three perfect reviews on the H5 over at amazon

Check out some additional info on the H5 over at the product page

Too bad the headlamp is not the H7…

Yeah and too bad the run time is useless. Though the lights may be getting a LITTLE brighter or more “advanced”, the run times are going the wrong direction. I won’t touch a headlamp or flashlight unless it’s 6+ hours on high.

Anyone know if those cases come with? They are not listed as stuff in the box.

Cases are included. Bought a couple when they were up a few weeks ago. I haven’t used them for anything yet, but I have opened one of the packages. They also come with Duracell batteries installed, as well as a complete replacement set (also Duracell).

You have to do a bit of work to remove the “try it now” button attached to the headlight; just snipping a wire and a tug after removing a battery.

Removing the battery back plate does NOT provide a better way to remove the lead from the “try it now” button (I tried). The wiring goes up under the top portion. Just clip it as close as you can and go on with life.

They seem bright enough, but the focus doesn’t get the beam as tight as I’d like, and I haven’t come across a dimming feature on the headlamp. It was a nice touch on my last one, which was different brand but broke when dropped. I don’t always want to blast everyone around camp, I usually just need to see enough to find a tree…

thanks so much for stopping by with a response about the case question!