LED Lenser P7 Flashlight & H5 Headlamp

**Item: **LED Lenser P7 Flashlight +%26 H5 Headlamp
Price: $24.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Additional info on the P7 can be found over at ledlenser.com

previous comments from last month’s sale

I bought the headlamp in the last offering and it’s fantastic.

I recently used it on a pre-dawn hike of Mt Bierstadt near Georgetown, Colorado, hitting the summit just around sunrise. Great coverage and intensity. The most concentrated beam is no different than any other powerful flashlight (with similar specs and LED), and when you diffuse/spread the light out to cover as much area as possible, it provides a great halo with high visibility.

Comfortable headband and it doesn’t feel heavy, even though it uses 3 AAA batteries. With 2ish hours of usage so far, I can’t attest for battery life yet, but the reviews make it sound good. Easy to turn on/off and adjust with one hand.

The only thing I’d LOVE to have is a red light option. I work nights, too, and I almost never use yellow/white light to save my eyes from having to adjust. But for $24, this is an excellent buy.

*****edit: correction-- I purchased the H7 model (http://sport.woot.com/offers/led-lenser-h7-155-lumen-headlamp-1). Looks like the one being offered today is brighter, but requires one more battery. And it comes with an extra flashlight. My mistake, sorry!

Sweet deal! I bought two of the H7 headlamps last go around. They are great. For a couple of bucks more you get a P7 flash light. Tempted to get two more. I agree, a red option would be nice.

This is a really sweet deal. I m a flashlight freak and I love everything LED Lenser. The only drawback is that the H5 doesn’t have dimmer control. I use my H7 all the time. I do a lot of work in dark spaces like attics and other crawl spaces and having a hands free light is extremely useful. For close up work, the H7 is simply too bright at full power. I would miss not having a dimmer for that kind of thing.

Oh who am I kidding? I need a backup to my backup, right?

Reverse that… the H7 is way brighter than the H5…

“With the H7, they get the lightweight, easy-to-wear feeling of the H5 but with six-times the lumens.”

I’m going backpacking for 6 days next month. Would this headlamp be sufficient for camping? I’ll be out in the Buckskin Gulch and Paria Canyon and I need something bright enough, but I’m afraid the h5 isn’t enough since they keep bragging about jogging with it.

I got the H7 headlight last time it was offered. It’s virtually the same regarding comfort and style, so I can talk about that: it’s comfy (well, as much as a thing around your head can be) and doesn’t feel heavy after a while. The light tilts to any vertical angle you could possibly need (within reason) so it’s good in this fashion.

As I don’t have the H5 version I cannot compare the brightness. But do understand the H5 isn’t quite as bright, and the H7 has a dimmer (unlike the H5) and I use the dimmer quite frequently… plus having it on dim saves power (and your dark vision).

Still, LED Lenser products are recommended.

My advice, for what it’s worth, is to go to the website and compare the H5 vs the H7. In the few posts we already have, there is a lot of misinformation on the headlamp.

I purchased the H14 in a previous Woot and I am very pleased with my purchase. LED Lenser makes great quality headlamps.

Does the P7 come with the sheath and wrist strap?

I do product evaluation for a company that sells EMS equipment and have reviewed Streamlight, Pelican, Underwater Kinetics and LED Lenser flashlights. Out of all of the samples and freebies these companies give me I have walked into a store and paid full retail for one brand, LED Lenser. They are the best flashlight for the money, my son is in scouting and after the first camping trip he took his headlamp on all the adults came back asking me where I got that light. I’ve probably sold 20-30 of these lights bragging on them. The P7 was selling for $35 at Christmas so 5 bucks off and a headlamp is a heck of a deal. The “P” series are plastic, if you want something that takes a serious beating look at thier “T” (Tactical)series of lights, they are aluminum construction.

I bought this combination pack last time, and have not been disappointed. I live & work at a Scout camping facility (Philmont in New Mexico) and use these often. I’ve gone through a lot of other name-brand headlamps, and was a little hesitant since I’d never tried the Lenser line of products, but I am very pleased with the performance of them so far.

I recommend these for someone looking for a quality product at a great price.

Thanks to woot (and my love of flashlights) I have bought 8 Lenser flashlights of varying models and 2 headlamps. Gave a couple to family members.

For the money they are simply amazing. The flashlights that can be zoomed (one-handed) by sliding the front lens shroud fore and aft are the ones to get.

On the other hand, of my two headsets, one of them failed after less than one hour’s use. I haven’t sent it back yet. I first want to take the time to analyze what’s wrong. (One thing the company does is add a disposable switch mechanism so customers can see the light work in the packaging prior to buying. This requires disposable connecting wires. One of the wires is connected under the battery terminals and owners are instructed to yank it out before using. Seems a little sloppy, IMO, but I get what they are trying to do. The fail may involve the remainder of that temp hardware, but I need to look at it again.)

That said, I’d recommend this brand to anyone. This is a great deal.

Is this true? The Woot description (and I believe the manufacturer description) says the P7 is aluminum.

No, this is not true. They are indeed both made from aluminum.

Both the “P7” and the “T7” are aluminum construction.

These LED Lensers are nice flashlights, but I prefer Fenix. They are higher quality than the LLs, but still reasonably priced. It is possible that Surefire may be slightly higher quality than Fenix (highly debatable by the experts), but they cost a LOT more. Anyway, I wish Woot would offer some Fenix deals. The ONLY advantage LED Lenser has is the adjustable focus, and they work very hard to keep other companies from implementing it.