LED LENSER SEO 5 Rechargeable Headlamp

Excellent headlamp and buy 2 because 1 battery itself same price as 1 headlamp so that’s why I got 2 headlamps. Any recharble stuff I got extras batteries.

Might be a good light but to me, it’s a RED FLAG when they don’t post how long it stays lit when at it’s max and lowest settings. But looking it up doesn’t give impressive results.

7h on max, 25 on low lumen. IMO epic fail if you want this for an emergency light (for a bug out bag or glove box)

LED Flashlights and Headlamps are a big stickler for me. I have made “emergency bags” for my kids, for home, car and work place. Making these bags became a “hobby” of mine for a couple of years. My rant is, if you buy these lights for emergencies, you normally toss them in a drawer, glovebox or a bag and thats where they stay till you need’em. I have 3 different brands that I find are great and are not expensive. My favorite (bang for the buck) is the Petzl Tikkina. The ones I got were from the local military base for 20 bucks each (on sale/clearance) Normally they are like 30. 60 hrs on 150lumen, 220hrs on 5 lumen. My 2nd go to (have 2) is the Black Diamond Storm. 250 lumen, 80h on max, 150 on low. On sale @ REI for 38 bucks (just checked). I did get a couple of Mountain Made Challengers for 20 bucks off the mother ship, 145 lumen, 40hrs on max, 190 on low. Comes with a cool carrying bag to hook to your should strap so it can switch and slap you in the face (experience). But still kinda nice.

So, not sure how a 7 hr run time on a headlamp would be a selling point, rechargeable or not.