LED Lenser T7 175 Lumen Flashlight

**Item: **LED Lenser T7 175 Lumen Flashlight
Price: $21.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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4.5 Stars on Amazon

That’s a lot of lumens.

Lots of lumens, but at a terrible cost. Only 1hour battery life on high??? Lighting road flares would be cheaper.

Some additional info can be found over at ledlenser.com

Hey, it’s three dollars cheaper now!

Oh… My mistake; this is the T7, not the P7.

Let’s watch this flashlight get unboxed [youtube=hdzXF72STvU][/youtube]

Yeah, give me something that takes D cells.

Thats a good price for that light, my biggest problem is how many do I buy…

Some good info.

edit: link trouble

Well, from what I am reading, T7 is the same as the P7 with the only difference being a slight weight increase and slightly longer with the T7 light. Other then that they seem to spec out the same. So, $3.00 cheaper it looks like. The P7 I just received and it is a pretty freakin` bright light. (Freak in= don’t shine into eyes) focus is nice and smooth and the light has some nice weight to it with the batteries in. Knurled handle for grip, but as noted, no flat spot to keep it from rolling. however, the wrist lanyard clip area does seem to keep it from rolling past that area. So, nice light and would recommend at this point.

Still no flashdarks?


Dr. Suess lied to me.

This is a -flash-light, not a light!

Only 175? Meh. I’ll stick with my 650 lumen one I got at home depot for the same price. It might be longer (5 C batteries), but it’s built very well, and bright as hell. And don’t even mention those china ones that advertise being 1500+ lumen. I’ve bought 2 different ones, none are brighter than the home depot one.

I have this one from a previous woot $29. Nice light, well worth the price.

However what they call “Dynamic Switch technology” is not at all what I excepted.

It always go to high, then the next full click-push puts it in low…you can then push the switch a little way in to go back to high…if you release it goes back to low…looks to be just a gap in the spring loaded switch travel and is tedious to use. I just click from one mode to another…

The current one is VERY well built as well. This one is handy, and slips easely into pants pocket…I bet your 5 C cell light takes some very deeeeep pockets. :wink:

After owning many of the 1000+ lumen dx models, this IS my GO TO flashlight.It isn’t great for “throw”, but this torch is the best thing since sliced bread. The adjustable beam takes and improves upon what made our old maglites wonderful. This isn’t regulated: it isn’t perfect, but it WILL be the the best torch you’ve held if you think mags are the end all and be all This is a great deal on a great flashlight … buy more than one. I have several light “cannons”, yet these are the ones I give as gifts and have around the house,

I bit, in for three! Hope they are great. I love the mag light mini. We’ll see I guess…

These are great little flashlights for around the house and occasional use. Bright and the focusing feature works very well. One hour run time is plenty is you only use it for a minute once a week. I can change batteries once a year, no problem.