LED Lenser T7 or P7 175 Lumen Flashlight

**Item: **LED Lenser T7 or P7 175 Lumen Flashlight
Price: $21.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Product Page for the T7
Great Reviews from Amazon

These are fantastic lights, but they do not have voltage regulation, which means they will gradually dim from the moment you turn them on until the batteries die. So be sure to only run them on lithium cells and you will enjoy near full power for 5x as long runtime.

Woot! needs to have a screaming deal on AAA and AA Energizer Ultimate lithium cells now. $1/cell sounds good! :wink:

PS: Note that the “175 lumen” power is only for momentary use, when the switch is half-depressed. Still, the “high” setting is nice and bright, and the “low” is a good task level that will extend battery, and probably flashlight life.


Told a co-worker that if I could find a better LED than the one I was using, I would buy one for each of us.
Dang, the next day woot! had the T7 for sale.
I was wishing that I had gone in for 3 instead of 2 them.
Dang, here they are again!
Heavy, but lotsa light.

They both sound pretty much the same in their write ups. Can anyone point out what the real difference between them is ?
I need a decent all around LED light.


The T7 doesn’t seem to be any different under the hood compared to the P7, the only difference is cosmetic, the body of the light. The P7 is .4 cm longer.

I have a P7, it’s very bright considering its price.

Get either one. I’ve bought more Lensers from Woot than I care to admit. Don’t regret a single one. Amazing lights for the money.

Sorry about the incorrect information earlier. I didn’t realize that my tablet had unilaterally decided to hit post before allowing me to verify my information. This Android tablet is doing very strange things in woot!'s forum. Odd, since woot! sells these! :stuck_out_tongue:

After researching this a a bit further I believe that they are exactly the same except for minor external cosmetics. The T7 (T is apparently for “Tactical” and P is their “Professional” line). Supposedly the T7 is able to be mounted to a gun using standard ring mounts.

As DortorJone wrote, but now clickable: Open side-by-side for knurling comparison:



Also, note that there are NEW versions of these lights out there, which most of the reviews are about, NOT these older ones. The new ones are rated at “200 lumens”.

One other possible difference could be the order of brightnesses. For the T7 the order is:

  1. FULL power (but only during the partial press of the switch)
  2. Bright (stays on after full press of the switch)
  3. Dim (stays on after second sull press of the switch)
  4. Off (turns off with third full press of the switch)

I read somewhere that the P7 goes FULL, Dim, Bright, Off.

I really don’t understand why I would spend so much for 175 lumens. I have 2 which have 1600 lumens ea., and cost much less. Sure, I can’t focus with one hand, but for 6$-8$ less ea., I don’t have to.

Both flashlights have the sliding bezel, as per Led Lenser’s website.

The T7 flashlight has a different knurling pattern for a better grip and ridges cut into the sliding bezel and tail.

The P7 has a less aggressive knurl pattern and no ridges. It is .13 inches shorter and .22oz lighter.

Open side-by-side for knurling comparison:

Hmm. I own both the P7 and the T7. They are, with the exception of cosmetic differences, identical. FWIW the T7 used to be more expensive than the P7. I also own several of the “cheaper” 1000+ lumen flashlights. Do your research, the math just doesn’t add up when you look at the power sources as opposed to lumen output. I have an 1800 lumen flashlight that is marginally brighter than the led lenser, but it feels like a toy. The little led lensers feel like they are worth the msrp. They are a joy to own and are definitely worth the asking price here. My original LED Lenser that I bought 4 yrs ago is still going strong. If you want true super lumens (or even regulated), you’re going to pay out the wazoo. For those of us who grew up with the 4D maglites as the king of the hill, these little puppies are brighter and WAYY more compact. These aren’t regulated, they’re not “waterproof” (don’t swim with ‘em), and they don’t lie about their lumens. However, for the average Joe, these are an absolute steal at this price. Everyone I know has gotten one of these as a gift and I own 3 myself. Get off the fence and buy it if you’re in doubt. BTW Leatherman bought out LED lenser a while back, so ya’ know it must be an alright product.

Over in the “Flashlights & Multitools” Sport Woot, there’s a P7-H5 combo for $5 more than the P7 here.

Now, granted, the H5 sounds like a truly pathetic headlamp from a “being able to see things” perspective, but not bad for increasing one’s visibility at dusk.

He’s right you know. Great light, great price. Most folks don’t need anything more than what this does, and build quality is top-notch.

The holder that comes with the T7 light is pretty good too and most cheap lights don’t come with a holder.

175 Lumen is not all that bright, given the newer lights available. This is a fair price on a 175 Lumen flashlight, but Walmart carries a Coleman 200 Lumen light for $25, and there are a number of others with similar or higher output available at some of the “discount” sporting goods stores at similar prices.

FWIW My T7 arrived yesterday and I’m still playing with it, very impressive quality. WOOT GODS, IF YOU’RE LISTENING, SELL ME SOME MORE T7’s!!!

Regretting not buying 3…

they’re always listening, those Woot Gods.
glad you like it!