LED Lenser Tac Torch Flashlight

**Item: **LED Lenser Tac Torch Flashlight
Price: $17.99
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Here is the original sale, which has the best community feedback (Whatever happened to pop.woot.com?)

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I have one. Of the 10+ LED flashlights I own, this one feels the most solid. It’s extremely well made and the focusing is very smooth. The light is also nicely defined, with minimal haloing. It’s relatively dim compared to my other lights but it’s certainly bright enough for most purposes. This is a good light that will last you a lifetime.

I use one for maintenance and I’ve got to say it’s quite adequate. Another video review here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keAR2B8pmG4

You have many “BETTER” choices on AMAZON.COM for much less. This is just one of many examples: A 900 LUMENS LED FLASHLIGHT for $10.20 (PRIME)Rated 4 stars

Its all depends on what you need for what kind of job.

These models are suggested to be even “BETTER” than the one I listed.

Trustfire Z3 with zoomie lens.
Romisen RC-T601.
Romisen RC-E4.
Ultrafire WF-502b.
Keygos pro-series Z16 with zoomie lens.

I always prefer cree lights, but this Amazon one uses an 18650 battery which I hate.

My flashlight uses three 18650 batteries. That thing is blinding and extremely useful when working on cars or under the house. It is a long flashlight but it works really well and the light that it lets out even bouncing off a wall is blinding.

Cree LEDs are the way to go when it comes to flashlights.

18650 batteries are dangerous though. I would never charge them unattended and I would keep them on a surge protector and away from anything flammable. I’ve seen some horror stories but a GOOD 18650 from a trusted company on a GOOD charger is a pretty sure thing… go cheap chinese and you’re guaranteed problems. Pay the few extra bucks; I bought cheap ones on amazon and 1 of the 4 batteries I bought started smoking when I plugged it in. I am sure if it was left in my house would have burnt down.

I bought some other LED Lenser products from Woot recently. They are all fantastic.


Pretty much anything you see listed here will be better and cheaper than this flashlight.

I bought one of these from Woot several months ago and it was two bucks more then. It is extremely well made and durable. It’s small, easy to carry and throws a nice bright beam of light. One really good thing to consider is this flashlight uses 3 easy to find AAA battery’s. I’m very pleased with it.

Anyone have any comments about this one versus the ones on Meritline.com? Many of them seem to have good reviews at very cheap prices. I’m looking for something focused and bright! Water-resistant would also be a real plus (taking students out to look for frogs at night)!

please offer the LEDLENSER F1!

i’d look at it more as an “event,” than a site, if that makes sense.


Better? Not.

LED Lenser products are simply great. High quality. Thoughtful function. Great value. I own several.