LED Light Bulbs - Your Choice

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LED Light Bulbs - Your Choice
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$26.99 New Egg third party retailer ($27.99 here, but again the debate of if it’s fair to compare a third party retailer) for the A19 800 3000k 6-pack. The point is more for the few non-delivery reviews mainly saying so far, so good, and get used to the brief delay to turn on:

Also only a few reviews at Amazon sold from third party retailer for $46.50 w/similar “we like it, get used to the delay” comments

These are completely and totally lame. How about some 100 and 150 watt equivalents? You know, actually get some LIGHT when you buy a LIGHT bulb?! I want to be able to actually SEE how much energy I am saving.

You can now purchase 2 pack, 60 watt equivalent LED’s for $4 @ Lowes!!!
That’s $2 a bulb folks.!

Was in Lowes yesterday and they dropped the prices of their bulbs even further. The 2-pack 40 watt eq. are ~$2.50 and the 60 watt eq. are ~$3.50.

3000k is close to a white light. 2700k is slightly yellow and the closest to an incandescent bulb. 5000k is a bluish white.

Thanks for that. I’m guessing that’s why the 5000K are more expensive even at less lumens?

For dimmable? Do you have a link? I can’t find any 60W dimmable for less than $5

So you want a 150 equiv bulb…that you can dim?

Anyone knows what’s the CRI on those ?

Daylight is around 5600K, but people have gotten used to warmer light indoors because that’s all there was.
Tv sets are even higher 6000-10,000K.

I’ve used some Walmart and Lowes (Utilitech) bulbs. The Walmart bulbs have been great and seem to be better with the light distribution than the Utilitech. I had 3-60W equivalent bulbs in the kitchen table fixture from the ceiling and had to go with a 40W because they were so bright. I’ve replaced equal (wattage equivalent) CFL bulbs and the LED’s are brighter.
These bulbs keep popping up, but not a deal when I can get bulbs (that work perfect for me) locally for less.

I myself am still a fan of the candle.

the ones at lowes at that price point are rated for less than 5 years of life and are non-dimmable… the Osi\sylvanias are dimmable and have a rated life of 22+ years … not comparable bulbs

Lowes’ price (like any bought locally) is dependent upon government incentives in your state.

So this may or may not be a good deal for you.

The other thing about LED bulbs that takes some getting used to is that they take a few minutes to come to full brightness, at least the ones I’ve installed thus far. I assume these are the same. It’s occasionally a mild annoyance but not a huge deal.

I think I’ll bite on this one.

If you are searching WOOT! for earlier offering from Energetic, you will be making a risky purchase to buy these.

I have tried repeatedly to get them to honor their warranty and they will not even return a call nor correspondence. HORRIBLE customer service. DO NOT BUY THESE