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Can the dimmable bulbs be used in regular fixtures without dimming capabilities as regular bulbs, or will their dimming abilities affect their performance in regular light fixtures? Anyone know?

Yes they can, no it won’t

Buyer BEWARE! Energetic has not responded to warranty claim. Messages left unanswered, website forms completed and ignored. When the factory rep was last here he told me to call. All I can say is the receptionist is nice, but she can’t replace my defective product!

I cannot recommend this due to the absence of ANY customer service from the factory.

I ordered 2 sets of these earlier this month. The dimmable is very bright to begin with, but does not dim down to the same light level as my non-LED. So you’ll want to replace all at one time if you have more than one dimmable. And don’t expect them to really be that dim.

The 40W equiv I used in a lamp is a warm white that is pretty darn bright. No problems from either.

Here is the same LED light bulbs for a good price with Duracell name on them. I bought 2 case of them and they work great and are dimmable. At $2.50 a bulb I did the whole house in LED!


I have not received any emails or messages from you. We WILL replace any defective bulbs. rjones@energeticlighting.com

I believe Duracell closed their lighting division. These might be liquidated bulbs with no replacement available and a lower warranty

I bought the 60W equivalent pack from Woot via the mothership recently. I have a couple of observations.

I don’t know if I’d call these “warm”. They feel more like 3500K or 3750K to me, over 3000K, but yeah, that’s just a “feeling”. Having said that, I don’t find them harsh like the very blueish 5000K lighting that a lot of LEDs have going for them. They are just seem a little whiter than a good soft white incandescent.

Next, yes, the old style dimmers have not really caught up with LEDs yet. Bascially, they need so little power to operate that dimmers don’t go low enough. I have a lot of those Lutron dimmers in my house (the manual ones with the little sliders next to the toggle switch) and on the lowest setting, these bulbs are much brighter than their incandescent counterparts. They still dim enough for my needs, but your results may vary.

In general, these seem a lot brighter than 60W incandescent bulbs. That light be due to the aforementioned color shift. Either way my wife considers this a bonus, so I now get to buy more lights to replace other 60W bulbs.

Finally, and this is the big deal, these bulbs specifically say they can be put into enclosures! This is NOT COMMON for LEDs. If you check the labeling for most LED bulbs, there will be some fine print telling you not to use them in fully enclosed fixtures. I have a number of the “gumball” style fixtures in my place and so LEDs were a lit of a miss until these came along.

Overall I’m very happy with these and I will likely be getting some more here. For the end of 2015, these are a great price.

I got a 6-pack of these in some sale long ago - afaik none have burned out so far. The only nitpick is that they’re not “instant on”, but a (noticeable) ~half-second delay after power is supplied. I don’t mind that much, but it’s not exactly optimal. To be fair, comments at the time warned me about this and I accepted the possibility. What I’m asking now is, does anyone happen to know whether they’ve improved by now?

I think it must have changed. There is a slight delay going on, but nothing like a half second. It’s long enough to perceive that a delay exists, but not long enough to count. Much more noticeable, is the strong afterglow for seconds after flipping the switch off. It’s not enough to light up the room, but you can see it if you look directly at the bulb.

To be fair I might be overestimating the actual time elapsed - it could still be a quarter second at least - enough to notice easily, but like you said, not really a “problem” as much as just not optimal.

The Duracell bulbs are sold by batteries plus. You can just get replacement bulbs from them.

Isn’t that what WOOT sales liquidated products? These bulbs are not liquidated has they are sold by Batteries Plus with a 60 month warranty / 5 years. They are made by the same manufacture Energetic Lighting.

Energetic Lighting makes lights for many companies. The lights you purchased for 2.50ea on Ebay are not the same as these lights. I have verified that.

Does anybody know what the color rendering index (CRI) of these bulbs are? When determining the “quality” of light a bulb puts out, the color temperature (K) only tells part of the picture…CRI is just as important.

The BR-30 bulbs I recently purchased from Amazon have a CRI of 84, which is only so-so. Hopefully these are closer to 90.


Does Woot understand the LED bulb terminology? I ordered 5000K Temp LED Bulbs on 11/26 and you sent wrong ones. I had to send them back. Now, I ordered 5000K Temp LED Bulbs and I got 3000K ones. Why do you waste our time if you don’t understand what you sell !?!?!

F**** waste of time

Same thing happened to me. Ordered 5000K. Opened my package and they were 3000K. Going in circles with Woot customer service trying to explain the situation.