LED Light Up Bumper Phone Cases

Bought one of these several months ago. It worked well, and admittedly was pretty cool. Only thing was it completely broke in about six weeks of gentle use.

I had a feeling that the quality of these would be less than great :frowning:

They should just go ahead and say iphone/samsung cases instead of “phone.” That’s pretty much all they ever have.

Unless I’ve set it up wrong…what was the point of buying this? Other then the light flashing on the back of my phone (the flash for the camera/flashlight)…nothing lights up. What A HUGE disappointment woot. And the sad part is that I bought one for my daughter’s phone as well…woot.crap.

I agree bought 2 myself. There was no slider over LED like was shown in one picture. If it had that at least I could say I got what I paid for.

Woot crap indeed, charger won’t fit.

Never worked! No light or flash. Piece of crap!

What Light?
All this thing is, is a clear silicone case with a blue bumper as a matter of fact it’s not lighting up and neither is my phone with notifications!
Something’s not right here, I definitely followed the instructions :rage:

Mine didn’t come with a slider either. Charger won’t fit. Waste of $9.99 plus shipping. At least send us the sliders!

Misleading, CRAP!, and no return. What a waste of money. I want my money back! WOOT should check this junk out before selling. DISAPPOINTED, Woot!

And…sold out! We were all duped! I won’t be so quick to buy from Woot next time.

All the little puns that go up about items, THIS TIME it should have said: “don’t bother!”

Good Customer

What a fraud! As everyone else here the bumpers DON’T light up!!! I bought two of them and neither does what is supposed to do.

Woot! You have really disappointed me!!! Waste of my money!!!

Yep, no LED despite it referencing it in the text multiple times, pretty much the worst represented item I’ve seen on woot, thanks Amazon!

Oh jeez, sorry! If you haven’t, please send your issue and order info to support@woot.com. CS can check into things for you.