LED Recessed Down Lights - 6 Pack

Good Morning Everyone! My name is Rob and I represent the manufacturer of these lights. If you have any questions, please ask!

These Downlights have a standard E26 screw base on them for easy connection to your 6" Can and are pressure fit for instant installation. They slide in and hold tight in place.

Do these replace a standard BR30 bulb?

Are these lights dimmable?

Nevermind I missed it in the description. They are dimmable.

Good morning Rob. My compliments on your product line. I have some other lamps from Energetic and they are good quality units that I have been quite satisfied with.
I would like to clarify one point. You “represent the manufacturer” of the lights. That’s interesting because usually resellers try to keep the provenance of their stuff as far in the background as possible. Are you implying that what you sell is different from the dozen other identical products with different brand names? What makes your Chinese factory more special than all the others? Really, I’d like to know. So far the only way I’ve seen this done is by big companies with lots of clout like Apple (iPhone) or Lowes (house brand LED lights).

Yes they do.

I represent the manufacturer as an Employee of Energetic Lighting. Yes we manufacture lights for many different companies. We do have a standard of quality that all of our OEM brands meet, but there can be a quality difference between them. The quality can be in the design, or requested components (similar to GM making a Buick or Cadillac). We don’t make a low quality option, but some of our brand names have longer lasting components which in a “Bad, Good, Better, Best” scenario, our brands would be in the “Better, Best” category. The Energetic Lighting brand would be one of our top quality brands that we make. We do have the following certifications: ISO9000, ISO14000, OHSAS18000

Do your lights buzz when working with a lutron dimmer?

It does depend on the Lutron dimmer that you have, but we do make our lights compatible with Lutron products. I’ve not heard of buzzing with any of our lights in at least 3 years when we enhanced our LED drivers. If for any reason you have troubles with our lights, email me directly and I’ll help you out. rjones@energeticlighting.com

Can these be used in an exterior soffit? Yes, they are outside of the building, yet under the soffit, pointing down, so they would not be directly exposed to the elements. Thanks,

Soft White, Warm White, and Cool White are nice descriptions but hardly quantifiable and hard for me to visualize. I’ve bought LEDs before thinking I was getting a pale/warm yellow light and ended up with a stark, sterile white. Can you post some sort of reference to help better identify the type of light these produce?

bulbs included?

I’m not staff nor do I represent the manufacturer, but let’s see if I can’t help a little here …

Per their spec sheet, it’s suitable for damp locations.

Per their spec sheet and product number convention:

Soft = 2700k. Think incandescent light.
Warm = 3000k. Think halogen light.
Cool = 4000k. Think fluorescent tube light.

The LED is an integral part of these retrofit units. General to this type of retrofit, you switch off the lights, remove the existing bulb and trim from your recessed lights, screw in the bulb socket adapter, plug, and clip the unit into place.

How many watts do these lights use?