LED Road Flare Kit - Yellow or Red

Buyer beware on the “Aervoe Industries 1144 Yellow LED 6 Pack Road Flare Kit”!

These have been discontinued for a long time, and they’re problematic, low-end flares that Aervoe absolutely does NOT consider to be under warranty. They can’t honor a warranty on new old stock stuff indefinitely, and they no longer have any replacement parts or anything for these. The problem is, the charging cases are finicky and the switches on the flares also seem to fail.

When I went back to Woot asking if they’d do anything based on their claim of a “1 Year Aervoe warranty”, which turned-out not to be accurate, the Woot rep said it’s not their problem, if it’s over three weeks since your purchase, you’re out of luck, regardless of what claims they make in the product description.

Shame on you, Woot. The warranty claim is utterly false, and they should know better, because I’ve brought it to their attention, and I’m sure other folks have too.

The product SHOULD carry the 1 Year Aervoe Warranty. If you contact them and find that they’re unable to help you please email in again to support@woot.com and let them know.

I did all you said, the response I received from Aervoe was (exact quote)–

"If they are round that is a product that we no longer carry and do not have replacement parts for as we have not made them for quite some time.

Also, we would not exchange old products for newer versions."

I passed this info along to Woot customer service, the 21-day return period was cited. I expressed dissatisfaction with that answer, I was brushed-off with another generic response.

Not sure why you received that response from Woot CS.

I’ve gone ahead and forwarded your post and information along to Woot Staff to help investigate the issue.

Thank you for your continued patience during this matter.

I bought these a few months ago and have been extremely satisfied beyond expectation! Excellently thought through product obviously crafted by a person who worked in the emergency services sector. If you’re a police officer, firefighter, EMT, or even tow truck driver these are a must have. I used mine tonight actually on a very dark road in the middle of no where on an accident scene. They are durable. I’ve had a semi truck run them over with no damage what so ever. Easy to charge, transport, turn on and off. 10 / 10 stars

Woot customer care is absolutely terrible. I bought a watch from woot which carried a 5 year vendor warranty. Well I had never even used it and it stopped ticking after 3 weeks. I contacted woot they said contact the manufacturer and gave me their info. I contacted the MFG they said sorry. No distribution centers in USA. So they refused to honor the warranty. After messages back and forth for about a week finally got through to someone real at woot and they agreed to take it back. I tried giving woot another try but then they had wrong dimensions on some curtains they stopped the order and was still shipped. I refused the package and did get a refund. don’t even know why I still check on woot for anything because I am not buying from woot ever again. Woot is selling junk and has gone down hill since Amazon bought them. Woot’s customer care line doesn’t exist. Woot is selling left overs of junk.

I own the yellow ones and also have red sticks that come with little stands so they look like a flare. I haven’t had any issues. If I come across an emergency I can throw a couple on the ground or one on my vehicle to warn of a hazard. They are highly durable. I didn’t purchase from woot. I bought them a couple years ago on Ebay.

I recommend staying away from these in general. I ordered a set once:

  • 4 flares did not work, power switches would not click at all
  • 2 did
  • the case did not charge them, which it’s supposed to.

These were new, not refurb. Colossally underwhelmed.

It’s a little tricky, which is why there might be confusion, woot!.
The following is from the warranty card @ http://aervoe.com/warranty.pdf

Aervoe Industries, Inc.
Warranty Policy

[*] Aervoe Industries, Inc. (Aervoe), warrants that this product shall be free from all defects in material and workmanship for 1 year from date of purchase. All merchandise must be returned to the original place of purchase to be processed according to the retailer return policy.

[*] A warranty card must be on file with Aervoe Industries, Inc. and proof of purchase is required to obtain warranty performance.

[*] This warranty does not apply to product that has not been used or stored in accordance with directions, including subject to abuse, misuse, negligence, tampering, or has been modified in any way. Broken latches and handles will not be accepted for return.

[*] Aervoe reserves the right to either repair or replace a defective product or issue credit against future purchases on all returned, defective merchandise. This warranty is given as the exclusive warranty and remedy; no other warranties, expressed or implied are made. Aervoe shall not be liable for any special incidental or consequential damages. All approved defective returns must be by prepaid freight.

1100 Mark Circle, Gardnerville, NV 89410 • 800-227-0196

Most of the emphases are mine, but some are on the warranty card.

The biggest problems are that a warranty card must be on file (is one provided?) and that Aervoe requires that defective items be returned to where they were purchased and is thus subject to the retailer’s return policy.

So if woot! has a 3 week return policy, that’s all Aervoe has.


I hope this is helpful. I am a big fan of woot! & Amazon (but honestly, not so much woot! under Amazon’s thumb … I mean, where are the BoC anvils??)

We work out warranties with the vendor/manufacturer and represent them on the site to the best of our ability. If you have a problem with this item and need help reaching out to the manufacturer we could help do that. If there’s any problem speaking with the manufacturer, we would then cover the remainder of the warranty for that item. Regardless of what happens- we’d stick by the year warranty on this item.