LED Rocket Night Flyers 6-Pack



OK, I’m sorry…but on what planet do these things sell for $59.94?


Planet Tytan.


Must be due to the exchange rate on Tytan.


You’re probably right.


Planet Ben Dover!


Not that anyone is interested but…


I had bought a few of these these from Groupon back in August. 5-pack for $8.99 with free shipping (works out to $1.798 each before CA sales tax).

Do be careful when you fold the wings (fold them on the lines indicated). Dont refold the opposite way. This weakens the wings at the fold and can tear.

Oh and dont be surprised if an led does not work. (These are cheaply made). The connection inside probably came loose (ie bad solder). You have to push the led deeper down and wiggle it. Usually that worked.

Despite what I said above, I would buy more if I didnt already have extras. I bought these for a camping trip. The kids absolutely loved it (and so did the big kids. lol), especially when you do it once the sun goes down. Most of them still work today. With night coming sooner now, my kids are starting to play with them again.


You literally can’t purchase them for that much because they are not that much. Direct from the company at full retail they are 5 bucks each for singles or 8.99 for 3. That puts full retail at either $17.98 or if you want to go crazy and count the single price then 30 bucks even.

This is illegal in most places because it’s clearly false advertising. This falls into the category of artificially inflating the price of a product or service to make it seem like a good deal when you discount it.


I bought a pack of these on Stacksocial for about $8. They are total junk. One broke on the first flight.


Even groupon has the same ‘list’ price. Woot and Groupon (and other sites) only use the MSRP given by the manufacturer.


woot!, please check yourself. This is ludicrous.


From personal experience, the mono-pod slingshot can be hazardous to your thumb. (Especially if you happened to have accidentally chopped the tip of that same thumb with a hatched a few days earlier.)


Aren’t these those things that street vendors all over Italy try to sell you at night?


yeah but they’re ₤59.94 lire.


I wonder if that’s in the warnings.


Hey, you can by Cross Brand styled pens at the dollar store that have a little gold foil thing that says $79.95. It’s done.


When they sell these at carnivals and fairs they sell them for $7 each or 2 for $10.




Bought these 24 hours ago, we’re just delivered. I’ve been Woot in for 6 years. Delivery used to be good,then went to the crapper What’s with this, a fluke? Anyway amusing for a buck a pop. 6’ of surgical tubing should work.