LED Safety Pet Collar

LED Safety Pet Collar

It seems like this collar would make it difficult for your pet to see at night. The light may have the effect of blinding the pet in it’s peripheral vision. Also could be dangerous for outside cats. Making them visible like that may call unwanted attention from racoons or skunks or other enemies. I honestly don’t see any benefit that outweighs the considerable risk.

Club wear.

Considering buying one for my son…



It isn’t that bright, and also the light is a sort of electric glow stick in the middle of the collar that doesn’t wrap all the way around the neck. If you are worried about their vision you could probably position it on the back of the neck and have less risk. I don’t usually walk my dog when it’s pitch black out though so I’m not as concerned. Usually we are in areas with lampposts or it is only dusk so not too dark out.

As another note, these are fine but I wasn’t that impressed with the collar given the glow-stick-esque feel.

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Bought this last time it was on woot. My dog got excited and started pulling. The collar loosened and came off. Luckily there were enough people around that someone was finally able to grab him.