LED Shop Light - 4 Foot

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LED Shop Light - 4 Foot
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Flyer PDF

So the PDF says it actually uses 48 watts, but is it equivalent to…

With it’s 250 watt equivalent


● Equivalent to 96 Watt


PDF: emulate the look and feel of traditional 4-foot dual 32 (so 64?) watt

Umm… watt, I mean what is it?? :-\

Can these be daisy-chained together? Are they hard-wired or plug-in?

Avail @ Sam’s Club, uses less wattage, but provides more lumens… $35 for 1 or $65 for 2.

“4-foot LED Shoplight is the ideal solution. This light uses only 40 watts of energy and puts out 4,500 lumens of light”

They are plug in

Alert this isn’t a very good deal! I own 2 of these not this brand and love them

Even cheaper at Costco. Much brighter than the dual 40 fluorescent fixtures they replaced and well made.

A word to the wise. With LED, you get what you pay for. This brand has a much higher quality than the big box retailers. Yes, I have tested the components in fixtures from three of the four largest retailers.

how long is the plug in cord?

I bought ten of these LED Feit equivalent at Costco for $30 each. They are very high quality, packaged perfectly, come with 2 ft chain hangers, a 3 ft cord, work great when the temperature is below freezing, and the return policy is at least a billion times better than here.
If you live near a Costco it’s worth purchasing a membership or have a friend buy a gift card for you so you can purchase the lights there. Woot’s price is a rip off, not even close to a deal.

Good Morning Everyone! My name is Rob and I represent the manufacturer. If you have any questions, please ask. Have a great day and a fantastic weekend!

This light is meant to replace a 2 lamp shop light, but the lumen output may be greater than some 3 lamp fluorescent fixtures depending on the bulb.

These fixtures are not meant to be daisy chained. These are plug in only.

The quality of Energetic Lighting is going to be higher than quoted in these texts. We are our own driver manufacturer as well as these fixtures, and build these lights to exceed our competitions quality.

The chord is 6’

I strongly encourage you to have the quality tested for Feit brand compared to Energetic Lighting brand. You may also want to look into the defective/return statistics of Feit vs Energetic Lighting. There is a large difference.

Can this fixture be mounted directly on the ceiling?

You make this claim every time these lights are posted, but then whenever people inevitably ask you to provide some proof, you mysteriously become quiet on the topic and never actually back up your claims.

Now I don’t have any real data of my own (then again I’m not the one making a categorical statement), but I do have my own anecdote. I bought 8 Feit brand LED shop lights a year and a half ago (for $25 each) and haven’t had one single issue with any of them since.