LED: The Lights Of The Future

Something to consider for those looking at LED lighting. These dont have replaceable bulds. At least not in the traditional sense that we’re use to. Also watch out for the lumens. You could end up buying something too bright for your space with these. I have a few of these in our hallway but they are too bright so I ended up having to buy an LED specific dimmer.

Good Morning Everyone! My name is Rob and I represent the manufacturer of these lighting products. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Have a great day!

I have LED nightlights, decent quality ones. I found they dim over time due to the circuit that supports the LED and if/when they go out, they’re garbage.

Very hesitant to try something without a replaceable bulb.

These will not have that type of an issue. The way LED bulbs are built, are very similar to these fixtures. You will not have that issue until the life hours is reached.

hello. i was wondering about the 9in flush mount fixture. what is the height? or how far does it drop down? we need replace a hall fixture that sits right above door and a has clearance of a few inches.

Hey Rob: It seems a fixture with one or two medium screw-in bases would give the buyer the option to buy any type LED bulb they wanted.
Is there any benefit to buying a fixture with bulbs that can’t be changed?

How do you turn these on and off?

I think it’s safe to assume that these fixtures would be installed as any other ceiling fixtures would be; they would be hard-wired to en electrical box installed into the ceiling. As with any other ceiling fixture, if you want to turn them on and off, the circuit would be wired to a wall switch.

Unfortunately not that great of a deal, although it is a great light. I have 4 of them and they provide even lighting and come on bright (instead of the usual CFL warmup). These types (not necessarily this brand) can be purchased all day long for 25-30 at home depot http://www.homedepot.com/p/Commercial-Electric-Brushed-Nickel-LED-Energy-Star-Flush-Mount-HUI8011L-2-BN/203742177

Not totally true. I just bought 2 14" led exactly like the 13" here and they were $59.00 each, not 25 or 30 at Home Depot. They were 1600 lumens each and nice and bright. Perfect for my garage. They are excellent lights but like someone mentioned, watch the lumens as they may be too bright for some places inside the hime.

Mr. Rob, these are “dimmable,” and your company is clearly involved in this woot offering, so why are you not selling the dimmers that go with these dimmable lights?
Without your dimmers, I’m left to research them all to find the correct one. Tedious.

Add dimmers to this sale and see an immediate increase in units unloade… err, sold.

Hi csvargas,
These are about 3" thick. They are flush mounted to the ceiling.

No benefit, just a preference on look. Any LED is a smart choice in my opinion.

These would be wired in to a light switch on the wall.

You make a great point. Energetic Lighting is only a lighting manufacturer. We are not a dimmer manufacturer. But, our lights are compatible with about 98% of the dimmers in the market.

LoadStar: It is never safe to assume anything that is why the question was asked. It could have been battery operated or remotely operated, one never knows until a question is asked and the manufacturer answers.

What is the average life span for the LED light? If I’m reading this correctly, it sounds like there is no option for replacing the light once it burns out only replacing the entire fixture. Is my understanding correct?

Are these indoor only? Was looking to replace my porch lights …

Nevermind. Found out they are Damp rated at ShineRetrofit.com and that works for my situation (if these are the same ones here).


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