LED Warm White Bulb, 11-Watt S14 Bulb

Quantity? Doubtful that one bulb would retail at $83.40.

Sufferin’ sheepdip! This has got to be one of the worst woot “sales” ever. I know they have gone downhill since the sellout to AMZN, but this is ridiculous.

It’s so bad that they didn’t even include a link to “discuss this deal” on the section page … They forced anyone here to really work to find the comment link to each individual item!

Hey Woot,

Should this be the price for a 12–pack???


This is indeed for a 12 pack! We’re editing to make it clearer.

Is the 11-Watt the actual usage of the led bulb (it would be very bright) or is this the replacement value meaning it would replace an 11-Watt incandescent bulb???