Ledge Sports Sleeping Bag & Hydration Bundle - Pick Color

The bag in the picture is a Dirt Merchant Hydration Pack from Jetflow, but I don’t see it in the description.

What is included in this bundle??

damn, you are correct. now I want to know what is actually in the bundle.

yo dude. I emailed customer service and I was told that the deal was for what was in the picture… which is the jetflow hydration pack.

I also asked to see if it comes with a bladder… no answer.

So, per the vendor: “Everything pictured in the sale is correct, the Dirt Merchant and the Jem look the same.”

And, yes, the bladder should be included because it is listed in the bundle description. If you don’t receive a bladder- reach out to Customer Service and they will make it right.

this is the jem, it looks different as per their own website.

The bag in the picture is also branded “jetflow”, it could be a bit confusing for it to be called “ledge” and it is branded something else.

the description also doesn’t state it does come with a bladder, that is why I asked customer service.

and specifically it doesn’t say a bladder comes with the set. it says that the bag can fit a 2l bag, and it comes with a bite valve.

alright. I got my package… well should I say 1/2 of the package.


oh, and I just checked the bag, it does come with a bladder but the last csr said it didn’t. not a bad thing a bonus really but what it didn’t come with was the rain cover. so. yay.

not even half my order arrived.

and the description is wrong, there is no bungee cargo holder. like the actual jem is supposed to have… as all the actual pictures of the jem has.