LEDwholesalers Color Changing LED Flex Strip

I bought 2 sets of this exact LED strip from Amazon a little over a couple years ago and it is still going strong! If you like to use the white setting, it is somewhere between warm and cool in the color temp range. Only con is the adhesive is a tad weak so don’t rely on that to keep it up if you face it downward. This seems to be a typical issue with LED tape strips in general.

I have three of these - bought them off of eBay over the last year and a half. They work extremely well, especially since they are dimmable. I have them in the bathroom, as a backlight for the den TV, and in the bedroom.

The remotes are IR and have a very short range - maybe 2 yards max. Other IR devices (such as TV remotes) may trigger the lights! My mute button on my TV remote, for instance, starts up quite the light show on the strip if I’m not careful where I point it :smiley:

The adhesive on the back is worthless, so make sure you affix it in some other way.

The strips are indeed waterproof - I tried them out in an aquarium for a little while.

My current plan is to try and hook them up to a Pi and see if I can control them via home automation / my phone instead of the remotes - doesn’t look like it would be too hard.

They usually go for $20-$25 on eBay, so this is a decent but not amazing price.

Would these work well outside?

If you want something better than the IR remote these kinds of LED strips come with but don’t want to figure out how to connect them to an Arduino or Raspberry Pi, you can use DMX, a protocol designed for DJ & stage lighting systems. I got a DMX decoder for about $20 from the mothership along with a USB-to-DMX adapter for my laptop for another $25 or so.

Search for “DMX LED strip” for the decoder and “USB to DMX” for the adapter.

You only need one USB adapter. You’ll need a decoder for each strip of LEDs you want to control.

The title says “LED Flex Strip 16.4ft” and the description says “combined length should not exceed 16ft.”

Could someone please tell me the real maximum length (or number of 16.4 ft strings that can be put together) – or explain how the base product can exceed the maximum length of combined strings?


Buyer offered some clarification that the strips shouldn’t be connected together.

These are not encased in plastic and would not be waterproof as the wires and LEDs are exposed. You likely have a different model. I double checked with Amazon to make sure I had the right one when I left my review.

They are not encased in a waterproof material so they would not work well outdoors unless placed in an area protected from moisture.

If these are the same ones I bought on Amazon as I believe they are, the description says they can be connected together in series but it requires a different controller and higher current power supply. The power supply included won’t be able to power more than one strip and the control unit needs to be designed to handle the increased power draw.

I bought this same set from Amazon 30 days ago from the “LED Wholesalers” seller. These are NOT the strings encased in the waterproof sleeve so these would not be suitable for outdoor use.
The strips can be connected in a series or in parallel with the use of a Y-adapter. When connecting in a series some users have stated that the second string may fade or not have the exact same color as the first string and a different/stronger power adapter may be needed.
For my installation I have them connected in parallel using a Y-adapter and using the same power supply provided and I do not have any issues with color consistency or fading between the 2 strings.
Also, they list them as flexible which is accurate in regards to the strip following the surface it is being applied to but these do not do right angles well at all. There are right-angle adapters to accomplish this.
The strips can only be cut every 3 LEDs and have dotted lines indicating where you can cut. If you do not cut at the designated lines the colors will be off for that section or you may end up with non-functioning LEDs in that section. The tape that is pre-applied to these also holds VERY well and if you do not press it down too firmly, you can reposition the strip if you need to make adjustments in your installation.
Hope this information helps!

I got this same “kit” while in Afghanistan, only it has a European plug.

That’s great info, thanks!

Was wondering which right-angle (90 degree) corner attachments to buy for these. I see some labeled “5050” LED Connector for 10mm LED strips. Is that the one?