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After yesterday’s great design, this is a bit of a letdown.

Sort of reminds me of “cousin It” from the Adams Family.


does this remind anyone else of Dougs sister from the nickelodeon cartoon?



Kind of looks like a fry guy, you know, the old McDonald’s characters from the 80’s


it reminds me of a fry guy… pass


Is this a fryguy beatnik?


im really confused… is this in reference to anything… if so, i dont get it…


This has nothing to do with DJ’s. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Aww I thought there was a secret music derby going on. Oh well - pass. Now I get to buy yesterday’s shirt w00t!


I didn’t know there was a French Fry Guy. Gotta have something with your Royale with Cheese I guess.


Yeah. I guess it’s a bad pun on the “French fry”.

Nothing will ever beat the Grilled Cheese shirt though. Nothing.


Reminds me of the weed-girl in Harold and Kumar, except, this one’s a weed-dude


I thought he looked like It’s French sister.


This guy on the shirt looks like Cousin It before he grew hair. I’ll pass…


wow! I can’t make a rude commit but WOW! Nice that its not on grey or black, however.


Totally a fry guy


Wow, quite a random shirt tonight. My computer froze and all I could see was the title of the shirt for a while, LeFluff. So I was trying to imagine what LeFluff was going to look like, whenever my computer came back to life, and I was not expecting a french stalker hiding behind a bush! It’s kinda cute, sad and funny though. I love the knobby knees, black socks with white shoes. C’mon, he’s saying bonjour, he just wants to be your friend!


Best woot shirt I’ve seen yet, I’d like it a lot more if the design was bigger.


Bigger? Seriously?