I’m officially a Le Fluff fan. Might be buying one later today :slight_smile:

I like charming creatures who have hats.


i feel like it has a secret derogatory meaning about french women… LOL
if u guys no what im talking about keep it to urself

cool design i guess id rather it be not such vibrant colors green and w/e that background color dont really look good on me =[


Wow. That is random. Not tempted to buy tonight.


that’s jussst about how my french hedges are looking right now.

i think they’re french.

they LOOK french.




I’d definitely be down for this shirt if it was a different color


wow, that is ummm, really interesting.


Jon, this is funny, but I don’t think I can wear it though. Grats on being printed.



http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2351/2485489761_9d674605c5.jpg" width=“419” height=“500” alt=“Monsieur LeFluff” /

“Mais vous ne m’aimez pas!? Je suis choqué! Je dois contacter mes amis au Schutzstaffel!”


nope. it’s just arbitrary. works for humor, but rarely for shirts…


wow, this is just,wow. L a m e ? Yes! l a m e , I do believe is the correct term here. I really can’t imagine anyone wearing this. Not guys,not women not even kids. I mean,wow. Woot has stumped me on this one for sure. Hmm, maybe the type of kid who is on the fringe of highschool society AND really enjoys french class? That MUST be who they were thinking of when they okayed this shirt. Well, I guess they will be glad that woot thought of them. Me not so much. Cheers!


Hahaha, dead on!


LOVE the design - but not on yellow… I would buy it on another color!


lol. i like this, but i’ve got enough shirt woots… i mean woot shirts.


If I was, like, nine, and, like, my mom was like, “Would you wear that shirt?” I would be like, “Mom, I would, like, soooo totally love you forever if you bought me that shirt!”
WTF, Woot?


Looks like something Bret would wear on Flight of the Conchords – that’s the first thing that came to my mind.


A fry guy with too much sulfur in his blood.


Looks like Bruce Vilanch.


LoL! He does! I think I’ll pass on the hairball…


Reminds me of Spongebob going to a Halloween party…