Left Brain vs Right Brain

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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This shirt tells the world: “EW THERE’S BRAIN ALL OVER YOUR CHEST EW”



Great shirt, would’ve bought 20 if I had the money!

Congrats to the artist, and this is the first shirt in awhile on here that I knew as soon as I saw it in the fog, to have my credit card ready.

I bought 2. My husband is a science major left brain and I am a art major right brain. Our poor son is so confused. :slight_smile:

i like it a lot

i’ll think about it … maybe i’ll buy in the morning (if its still there)

green is not your color.

Congratulations with the print.

Love the design and concept. In for one. :slight_smile:

But where’s the corpus callosum?

This is the first shit I have bought here, but I needed it. This shirt is one of the best I have seen in some time, great job!

nice design…hmmmm let me go look at it again

so we find it hard to believe they.

Proper grammar must be stored in the other 90%, hmm?

I SO love the concept…but the lack of color kills this shirt for me. I am very sad, but I must pass. :frowning:

Why oh why not use a colored shirt or smack some color in the right brain somewhere!

Seem’s kinda dull, don’t you think? Nothing really POPS out at you…

The guy who made it must have been LEFT brained =P

I got the impression it was intentional, but who knows.

No, it makes sense. The write-up kept using they in their sentences, like “They say I’m a goat, but they also say I’m a cow.” Woot used they in that sentence like a noun.

For example, replace “they” in the sentence you’re questioning with “Steve” and you’ll see what Woot did. Don’t try it in an English paper, but it was funny.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

I was just about to buy this until I read the do not wear part.
Then I realized (being left-brained) that the external stuff should be swapped. I didn’t see any connection from the eyes to the respective sides of the brain, but there’s more of an implicit connection (to me anyway,) to the side of the skull to that side of the body and therefore the stuffs on the outside. Maybe I’m overthinking it. Whatever… if the shirt’s still available in the morning I’ll take another look and see if it makes better sense then.

You’re kidding, right?

I wish to god this shirt wasn’t white. It’s definately one of my favorite designs ever, but the color…

meh, maybe I’ll just buy one to stare at longingly.