Leftover Laptops

Going to buy me one of those red HP laptops! Wish me luck!

Are these HP laptops at all reliable? Used to be that HP was at the bottom in reliability. Does anyone know if they’ve improved?



I know it’s just not the same, but there are Apps available within Windows 8 that makes it look like Windows 7.

I’m really aggravated at Microsoft for trying to force that horrible interface on everyone’s desktops and laptops. It’s just not made for that.

The problem is that they kept them as two entirely different user experiences. If the Start screen style flowed freely in and out of the desktop it would be fine.

I’ve been using 8 for a year and a half now (starting with the first consumer beta) and I honestly barely notice it anymore, just using it exactly like I would XP or 7, but faster.

I can’t speak for others, but the only problem I’ve had with my HP is that the power supply and battery went kaput. In fact, I don’t think battery was ever quite right.

Then, I actually like Windows 8 (on my desktop computer), too, so maybe I’m lucky.

I like this iteration of the MacBook Pro, it looks decent.

Be warned ppl: I am an Asus fan, but the Asus X501U-RHE1N21 Laptop featured here has the dreaded “condensed” Asus keyboard. I have an Asus laptop with this keyboard (not this one, but similar), and it drives me nuts. I actually bought an external keyboard to use with this because the keyboard layout on my laptop was so useless. This is the same annoying keyboard. Take a good look at it. Note the positioning of the arrow (cursor) keys, the end key, the delete key, etc. Really bizarre. Also, this box has no bluetooth, and no optical drive. Sure, it’s Asus, so it is going to be reliable, but the keyboard will drive you bananas, I promise.