Leftover Tablets

Bought one of these 10.1 inch note tablets off Woot in May and the screen has already died. Didn’t drop it, has it in the case. Screen just stopped working one day.

Apparently this is a problem with this version of the note according to android central.

amazon has the square trade warranties cheaper for the ipads. I have no idea why they would be cheaper there.

Make sure the warranty covers a refurbished or factory reconditioned item. Warranties for these can only be sold through authorized dealers.

the ipads here and there are new.

Whohoo! I bought the last brown one! I just hope I don’t experience buyer’s remorse, it was about time to replace my Kindle 1st Generation running CyanogenMod.

What is the processor speed on the Slate?

Samsung site doesn’t say but NewEgg, B&H Video, and Amazon all say 1.6GHz.

Samsung finally rolled out KitKat updates for their older Galaxy Notes, so I’m thinking the Galaxy Note 8.0 could be a decent portable digital notebook. I don’t need high-end specs because it’ll just be for web browsing, note taking, and video streaming. But I’m concerned that they’ll stop supporting them … Does anyone have any idea if Samsung will abandon these?

Oh, and in case they do, does the Wacom pen work if you root the tablet?

I bought the Galaxy Note 10 (GT-N8013) last week. It arrived 2 days ago, but it has many operational issues. I’m trying now to send it back to Woot, in hopes I haven’t lost my $195.

I bought mine because it can run Cyanagen Mod and will probably be supported by the community for several more years.

I am looking for a super cheap option for my little ones to be able to play Minecraft and watch Netflix, etc.

Would this suffice?


There is this table with a bunch of tested android devices and the only one I see listed is the Nexus, Galaxy Note 10.1, and the Acer Iconica.

I don’t mind rooting it to run stock Android or CyanogenMod or whatever, but would the Wacom stylus still work?

I bought the Proscan with keyboard and case, mostly for use as a e-reader. It works well as a e-reader with the Kindle app, but it’s very slow, and the battery life is about 2 hours.

Yeah it would

So if I were to buy the note 10.1 16gb refurbished model… I can buy the square trade, through the link on this page, and I’ll have 1year warranty, no b.s., it’ll cover any random crap outs and defects?
As stupid as it may sound, does it cover accidental damage… screen damage and such too?
Working mobile from my note 2 phone… not flash compatible so i can’t use the link to read fine print. I’d be utilizing the 10.1 note for drawing and scheduling… something my phone can do, but with obvious draw backs! Any input on device/warranty would be greatly appreciated!

Ps. This one is on amazon for less, especially when you buy refurbished, but if the only way I can get a decent warranty is through woot, I’ll buy it here. If I can get the refurbished warranty through amazon, well that’s like a free warranty!

Bought one on the 12th and it’s still listed as ‘shipping now’. Contacted Woot but no response in 3 days. Not looking good.

Sorry for the delay. I’ll add you to my afternoon report so CS can look into it.