Leftover Tablets

I see that the Kobo ER430 Slick 4.3" Color Touch-Screen PocketReader with 2GB Storage & microSD Slot has popped up in two sales today - $9.99 on computers.woot and $14.99 on sellout.woot. Choose wisely, if you’re going to buy one of these.

The wisest choice, of course, is probably to heed the reviews and avoid.

Thanks for pointing out the dupe sales. I’ll let the team know.

Everywhere else I see that the Acer Iconia Tab W700 comes with a docking cradle, bluetooth keyboard and a case, but those aren’t listed “in the box”. Did they disappear during refurbishing, or just left off the description?

The bluetooth keyboard/case is included along with OEM charger and VGA adapter. The stand is not, but honestly, I don’t think you’re missing much according to reviews.

Thanks for that info. Helped me decide to pull the trigger.

Again I point out the “Kobo Reader” is NOT NOT NOT a Kobo product!!!

It is a “Slick” brand reader that accepts books from the Kobo library.

Nice little unit, but highly deceptive description…for the THIRD TIME, Woot!

Your “heed the reviews” link goes shows a Kobo product, but the reviews are for this “Slick” brand product. Way to go, mothership!

The little 9.99 SLICK (NOT REALLY KOBO) is basically a nice little MP3 player that displays ePubs. I bought two last time and kept them. Holds a charge for a fairly long time and plays audiobook and music well.

The page display is a bit wonky with part of SOME ePubs cut off.

But for ten bucks, you get what you pay for. Computer illiterates need not apply.

Honestly, I was hesitant on grabbing one. But it is now the best tablet I’ve owned. Came from a Lenovo Thinpad Tablet 2, which just didn’t have the horsepower for full windows. With the w700 I see a huge quality experience difference with Win8.1. Love it. Hope you enjoy yours.

I ordered one, and knew it wasn’t going to be even close to a Kindle or my Sony eReader, but I figured for it’s size, I could throw it in a pocket when I know I’ll have to wait somewhere and don’t want to use my phones battery to entertain me. Only problem is, IT WON’T TURN ON. Ugh.

I know Woot will do good by me on returns and stuff, but it’s just frustrating.