Legare Kids Furniture

so, the 2-pak stacking shelves. Does that mean that you actually get 2 separate bookshelves, or that your one bookshelf has two levels?I’m confused by the description.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it is two sets of shelves because of the nearly 40 lbs shipping weight. Let’s see what amazoniaville says… No wait… I think they are just heavy. Sorry I have no idea.

Yeah, me too. Someone asked during a previous sale.

*You get exactly what is pictured which means 2 shelves that you can stack. *

Thanks for sharing you knowledge! You’ve saved me from a disappointment.

We bought the kid’s desk earlier from woot! & loved it. From box to functioning in 15 minutes with the kids (4 & 9) doing most of the work. So I jumped at the chance to add the 28" stacking shelves but it was a different experience. Each shelf is easy, but it took a lot of elbow grease to “stack” the shelves and attach the top. I even did the furniture polish trick suggested in the instruction to “prevent chafing”. After an hour, I broke down, got out the rubber mallet, & accepted the connecting areas would be chafed. Fortunately, they’re not obvious once toys are on it. Should I have returned it or is the assembly just more effort for this style?