Legendary Wear of Zelda

I cannot BELIEVE that NO one has yet to comment on a series of t-shirts based on THE absolute BEST game series EVER!!!

These are just too cool! Count me in… I just wish I could afford to get one of each!


Does not make sense. [ma]^3 is closer to this:


I have the well equipped shirt, and the shirt is very nice shirt itself, soft and nice fitting! Would buy another one but my video game collection of shirts is getting a bit too large.

So, I would buy this short in a heartbeat (sorry) if it weren’t missing a bi-cardiovascular system such as is found in Time Lords.

Also the Grinch could be removed. That would also be an improvement.

These actually save quite a bit of money in the long run. Think of all the girlfriends you won’t have to take to dinner.