LEGO "Build-A-Brawl" Ultimate NBA Arena 481pc Set

Welcome to the LEGO “Build-A-Brawl” NBA Arena topic page for this product on Christmas Eve 2004. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the Lego Build-A-Brawl Set here.


Meh, it’s ok.

BAH teh bong water is the shiznit


5th post, first try ever, not too shabby!

More Brains in the Head Please

stayed up for this :frowning:

cheapest i see is 43 bucks

merry christmas!!!

:smiley: lol


:smiley: lol

Might be fun. But without the scaled chain link cage, it’s a toy that can’t compare to what could have been with holiday woot off.

Page one, so I should write something inspiring, and non-trivial…like we used to have in our signature files in the old days.

“Woot! $50 GPS” is all that comes to mind.

hello all! first woot. is this a good deal?


Meh… I think I’ll pass

For this, I stayed up? Oy, gevalt!

gah 2st page?


:slight_smile: just joining in for the heck of it …


i am senor Woot.