LEGO "Build-A-Brawl" Ultimate NBA Arena 481pc Set

Welcome to the LEGO “Build-A-Brawl” NBA Arena topic page for this product on Christmas Eve 2004. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the Lego Build-A-Brawl Set here.


Meh, it’s ok.

BAH teh bong water is the shiznit


5th post, first try ever, not too shabby!

[color=red:0e86271d14]More Brains in the Head Please[/color]

stayed up for this :frowning:

cheapest i see is 43 bucks

merry christmas!!!

:smiley: lol


:smiley: lol

Might be fun. But without the scaled chain link cage, it’s a toy that can’t compare to what could have been with holiday woot off.

Page one, so I should write something inspiring, and non-trivial…like we used to have in our signature files in the old days.

“Woot! $50 GPS” is all that comes to mind.

hello all! first woot. is this a good deal?


Meh… I think I’ll pass

For this, I stayed up? Oy, gevalt!

gah 2st page?


:slight_smile: just joining in for the heck of it …


i am senor Woot.