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Thanks for the update! Mine is due to arrive Friday.

Here is the news: on Ebay the lowest used, buy it now, complete is $45 with shipping (no box that I could tell), there were a few less expensive options listed for auction/make an offer around $30 plus shipping (if they accept what they have it listed for), total is going to be around the $35 point.

The lowest new, buy it now, is $64.99 includes shipping, so just over what we paid and it goes up to $165 including shipping from Hong Kong, otherwise $135 from NY.

On bricklink there are several used sets for a lot less, for instance one for $18, complete, no instructions/no box, but Lego has all the instructions on their site, so not a deal breaker, BUT all of the used sets are listed outside of the US - the one for $18 is Canada. I was all ready to buy it, but then got to the checkout and it said shipping and handling TBD, place order, you are committed to buying it. Personally, not a fan of committing to purchase without knowing entire cost, so I am going to contact the seller to see if they could provide me w a better estimate. There is another used one for sale (from Canada) for $23 which simply says, used complete.

That all being said and I am sure way too much info than you really care about, but a buck is a buck if yours comes squished like mine (hoping not). If I hear back from the sellers on brinklink w an estimate on shipping, I will pass it along, in case you need the info for later.

(All this for a parrot that poops)

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I’m confused. The lego pieces are all there, right? Instructions too? Why are you looking for a new, uncrushed, box? Chuck those 3n1 boxes in the trash and just build the bit.

(If this was answered above I apologise, it’s been a long day)

This set originally was something like $15 or $20 and it’s discontinued. So the only way it’s worth what Woot charged for it ($62) is as a collector’s item. Because people are crazy. So the box and manual are super important.

I have a giant pile of legos I got from a thrift shop. I’m sorting them into sets. It’s a hobby. I don’t understand collecting unopened boxes of Legos.

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In general, or, as you mentioned, when it comes to collectibles?

Especially when it comes to collectibles but also in general.

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@modi123 Why do I want an uncrushrd box, because I paid $62 for something presented as new and irregardless if it is a collector’s item or not, I expect the item that I purchased to come in the manner stated in the advertisement

I’m that regard why are the people who spent $200 and rcvd a 50" tv whose screen was cracked returning it - bc they should at least get their $200 worth.

What I do or don’t do with the product upon receipt is my business. I paid a premium for a new condition Lego kit and that was my expectation. It was not my fault that Amazon chose to send it in an envelope versus a box. For what I paid, expecting it to be in new condition is not unreasonable

For the comparioson, I was able to purchase a complete used version for $31, shipped. $31 is a lot of money when you are talking about an item at this price point. I saved 50% and am receiving the same thing, a parrot that poops set in “used” condition.

Besides, I see postings all the time about X website has Y product for $3, 3, 5 less expensive than Woor in the products discussion, on far more expensive items.

@Borborygmes fyi - re shipping from Canada per bricklink sellers:

So, if your box comes in the condition mine did, and you would still like the set but not at $62, you can pick up one for (if you don’t mind waiting 2-÷ weeks) a total cost of approx $24 for one wo instructions or $29 used, but has everything.

Shipping with tracking is certainly an option, however it’s rarely selected on sets that can fit as lettermail (bubblemailer) just because it’s pretty pricey. I’ve tried to guesstimate what it would be in USD for you, but Bricklink calculates the actual conversion. You’ve got a few options:

  1. Tracked packet Air USA (tracking) - $17.62 CDN (probably around $13-14 USD)
  2. Small packed Air USA (no tracking) - $9.23 CDN (probably around $6.50-7 USD)
  3. Bubblemailer (lettermail, no tracking) - $5.57 CDN (probably around $4 USD)

Due to COVID, Canada Post and USPS are both experiencing delays, along with most other postal systems globally. When we go to the post office, they typically don’t even recommend a “better shipping method” because they can’t guarantee shipping times right now. Meaning, one method really shouldn’t be considered any better than the other if you’re concerned about timelines. So far, all of our untracked packages and lettermail are arriving safely, with most being delivered in about 2-2.5 weeks but some are as quick as 7-8 days.

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So you are returning the crushed box to woot, or keeping it and buying a second complete set elsewhere? I guess that’s where my disconnect is coming in from.

I was hoping to present as a gift to younger-ish family members to build our LEGO supply & make memories (just started building it). Like you, I would expect care & thought to go into keeping the package nice & presentable. Crap happens, kinda appropriate for a crapping bird. Appreciate knowing my options, again, many thanks.

Yes, as @Borborygmes said, it was supposed to be a gift and I can’t honestly justify the price for something that is not in the new condition is was advertised as.

There has to be accountability on the part of the company. If they are going to charge a premium for a product, they should treat that item as premium-if for nothing else, the shipping container. If any of us we a business and we continually sent items to our customers that were new and didn’t take the time to ensure it was shipped correctly, to ensure its safety (yes, things happen during shipping, but not in this case), we would quickly be put of business.

Mine just arrived & I was lucky! Looking forward to bringing it out as a project in the near future. Picture is below.

Excellent condition, bravo!! When you guys put it together, post some pics, please

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Will do! Best of luck with your box/journey. Keep me posted. :slight_smile:

Sammy, seriously, I’m coming over.

Guess what I’m working on now?
download (18)

I figure I have at least 3/4 of the pieces. There may be more in my other tubs.


Awesome!! Clean your hoard outta the guest bedroom. I’ll be over in 30 minutes.

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FYI I have received 2 other LEGO sets from Woot/Amazon (total of 3). I guess it’s the “default” to ship in a padded envelope. That said, boxes were in fine shape.

Must be my handlers, so glad they are concerned for the products I order