Lego Lord Of The Rings The Orc Forge

Lego Lord Of The Rings The Orc Forge

Zeroing in closer to the LotR sets I would looking for! Cooooooooooome on woot!

Times Sold: 61
Total Qty: 85
Min Price: US $65.93
Avg Price: US $83.51
Qty Avg Price: US $85.02
Max Price: US $113.18

Which sets do you need?

Primarily keeping the passive eye out for Orthanc 10237, but a smattering of other sets (or even poly bags) would be cool to see.

We’ll see if the woot gremlins would scare them up and if discretionary funds are around. :smiley:


It’s only several hundred on eBay.


Yeeeep. Been rolling the dice on the lego raffle reddit group. A few bucks here or there. :man_shrugging: