Leica D-Lux Black Digital Camera

Never thought I’d see a Leica on Woot!

Does this include Lightroom. Most leica cameras come with 3 yr warranty. This one only 90 days?!

is this typ 109

does it include the flash unit that normally comes with this camera?

We’re able to get better pricing by forgoing the warranty.

How about flach unit and lightroom, theses are also normally included.

Unfortunately, these were a bulk buy and we don’t have much info on these. I’m sorry.

May not be an official USA import.

Yup 109

This is the best price on a 109 that I’ve seen. Super excited to be joining the ranks of Leica :wink:

Is it possible to add on (purchase) an extended warranty?

It’s made by Panasonic. Same camera as the LX100.

Leica has a long history of outsourcing camera models that are beyond their manufacturing capabilities, and it got that way long before digital. The Leica CL was made by Minolta and later sold as the Leitz-Minolta CL.

During the early days of AF point and shoots, Leica had a camera that switched from 35mm to 105mm (I think-but it was not a zoom). Minolta sold the same camera.

The partnership between Leica and Lumix (Panasonic) has produced some nice cameras. Generally, the cameras only have cosmetic changes. Tales of tweaks to the image processing on the Leica side may be true…or maybe not.