Lemon Drop

Tank option nice but design leaves a sour taste ; )

Quick. Administer lemon aid!

You mother…!!

That was my joke!

He jumped… trying to end his life. Was tired of hearing “when life hands you lemons”…

You put the lemon in the coconut, you put the lemon in the coconut… oh yeah oh yeah

Well, now we know why there is a lemon piece on one’s glass.

I keep wanting to see a “glass half full”/“life gives you lemons” thing here.

oh man, that line about the camera killed me FIGURATIVELY

LOve you guys, Woot. thank you for this!

Hahaha, classic Nathan. :smiley:

Bummer… I came on the hunch that the hyphenated pricing indicated AA shirt blanks again… boy, what a way to start a Monday.

got a good quiet chuckle out of me. reminds me of gary larsen. gonna go pull out a farside book

I can only refer you to Cave Johnson…

$12 for t-shirt
$15 for tank

$3 for you to get LESS material!

this makes all teh sense.

At least he got a piece of glASS before he died!

My how grim…I like it!

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will he have a smile or frown on t-shirt?