Lemon Grass Big & Tall Men's Dress Shirts

So none of these are actually tall sizes, correct? They’re just big? This is useless to me.

That is the impression I got as well. These do not appear to be for big and/or tall, but purely big guys who might also happen to be tall.

That’s twice now, woot! Stop saying these are big and tall! My 6’5 self can’t take you playing games with my heart like this…

I suspect that, similar to other manufacturers of big/tall wear, the body length of these shirts is 1" - 1.5" longer than normal. The sleeve lengths check out to “tall lengths” for the neck/chest measurements. Woot, can you provide this additional information? Having a shirt that doesn’t easily pull out of the back of our pants is important to us with heads at higher altitudes.

I agree, big is big and tall is not always big!! My nephew is a size medium, but at 6’2" he needs TALL size.

So where’s the ST, MT, and LT???

Those of you complaining about the shirts being big rather than b&t – check out the measurements. I’m not speaking from a position of actual knowledge, just working off the fact that my husband’s 3XL Woot and Teefury tshirts are exactly the same length and width as his 2XLT LLBean tshirts, so perhaps there’s overlap in dress shirts as well.

For my part, I actually put one of these in the cart before realizing that the swanky-looking colorful trim is a dealbreaker. These are extended sizes, and a lot of the folks wearing them are gonna be tubby. Not a value judgement – they just are. And you know what? They don’t need a happy polka-dotted placket showing exactly where their shirt strains a little.

Which is a bummer, because I really like the little details on these shirts and was looking forward to seeing my husband in them.


Anyone buy these before?

Good quality like Polo, Brooks Brothers, JAB?

What brand?

By “big and tall”, they mean “fat”. I wear a medium-tall shirt. Tough to find.

Polo, Brooks Brothers, JAB…Lemon Grass?

question withdrawn…

I’m 6’5" and 385 lbs, but my waist is only 52 inches. (Trust me, that’s small for my weight.) Methinks these shirts are gonna be the bomb … and if they’re not, I haven’t invested too much.

Like every other “big and tall” store or department… it’s just “big and fat”

I have to have all my clothes custom made and it is expensive! I am 6’11" and weigh 410 with a 50 inch waist. Shoes? Size 20 also custom - close to $350 a pair.

Not even close. Like a lot of things on woot, the suggested retail price is grossly inflated. Go search for Lemon Grass as a clothing provider, there’s very little there for them, and I think last time I didn’t even find a single brick and mortar store that carried them. At some level they looked like they might’ve been EOL’d and this was sunset stock getting blown out.

Don’t think of it as a $160 Brooks shirt for $30, just think of it as a $30 shirt, and expect $30 shirt quality, finish, detail. The finish/detail is slightly lacking, you can see at a few places where a bobbin ran out midway through and was changed, and the pickup stitch was off a little bit, some of the tie-off on some stitches isn’t clean and needs to be trimmed by hand.

Also, some of them have a narrow gap between the collars and some are insanely wide. I don’t wear these buttoned to the collar with a tie, but if I did I’d be rather disappointed, as the gap between the collars determines (and possibly limits) what kind of knot you can use with your tie.

These are, at most, a $30 shirt. Nothing more.

Im 6’ 2" 375, and i wouldnt trust these. BTW, waist size is 48.

At 6’6" 290. If you have not been shopping K&G for shirts you are missing out. Very nice shirts in tall sizes for $25-$35. Sean John and Stacey Adams are my personal favs. I’ll hold off on these as i could not find any information outside of Woot about them and don’t think the sleeves are long enough. I like 38-39 so i get a little bit of cuff showing under my blazer.

Actually, Kohls, JCrew, and Express all offer ACTUAL tall sizes pretty easily. I know Kohls offers them in store - I think I’ve always ordered the others online.

So the headline should read: “A few 4XL and 5XL Shirts available” Thanks for the exercise in clicking on each and every shirt only to find that none are available in XL, and ONE is available in 2XL. How about a “Select desired Size” button and then show shirts you actually have. Annoying as hell.