Lemon Grass Big & Tall Men's Dress Shirts

I wish I read your post BEFORE … I clicked through every color looking for one measly available 2x !!!

What is K&G?

Those of us complaining appear to be looking for Small, Medium or Large Tall shirts, not XL up. It would be nice to find some dress shirts for my 6’1" husband that don’t come up 2" short on the sleeves. He’s tall, but he’s not very big around.

seriously, lots of clicking to see only 5X available

BTW - Best shirts I’ve found for my not small husband were at Dillards.

Plus 100% cotton = 100% ironing… no thanks.

Has Woot ever considered putting a size filter on the outside page for these things?

If you make me click on 23 different shirts to find out what you have in my size, it’s a lot less likely I’m going to buy.

I clicked on four of them, saw only 5XL, and I gave up. I have no idea if the other 19 might have my size. If you give me a little filter button to show all shirts where you have my size in stock, then there’s at least a chance I’ll take a look.

Maybe it hurts your page click stats, but it would sure increase your sales.

Yeah. I went through a couple of them and then guessed that they must all be 5XL because that’s all I kept encountering.

Hear, hear…got all excited there about the TALL, and there are none :frowning: Need 38/39 sleeve!

Het Kizzbot have you ever tried bigshoes.com? They have sizes to 21 and widths to 4E. Filter by size 20 and they show six different athletic shoes, two dress shoes, and four boots. Much cheaper than custom!

Just got my shirts… All my shirts are between 4xl and 3xl. I ordered 4x on these and I can’t even get my arm in the sleeve.
Of course contacted customer support and they don’t want to know anything. Now I’ve got to file a complaint with AMEX. Buyer beware. Its clear why they have an F rating from the BBB

Just received the shirts today. They run small. 5xL china = 2xL USA

Holy cow woot sucks! I ordered my shirts on the 5th. On the 8th they printed the shipping label. Then they apparently lost the shirts. Many mails back and forth with woot saying we’re so sorry we lost your order. Then on the 19th they say they found the order and its shipping out.
Today (21st) I got a mail saying that they only shipped out one shirt and couldnt find the other. Oh and here’s a 5$ coupon off your next woot order.
Really… what happened to Woot? They used to be a great company, now, not so much ;(

Does not fit. Shirt is about 2 sizes smaller thank what I’m used to. Woot says that per their FAQ they will not accept returns due to sizing issues. I looked their FAQ over and there is NOTHING that discusses size. And of course the email they send to tell me this is a “No-Reply” email so I can’t even discuss this. So now I have two shirts that are absolutely useless! What a rip-off!

Hi there. Sorry for the problems. I’d compare it to the size charts on the specs. If they match those, then there’s no return. If they don’t, email in some pics showing the discrepancy.