L'Enfant Crapage

You’ll get charged twice.

You can add multiple items to your cart and pay only $5 shipping for it all for that order.

However, if you make another order, it’ll be another $5 for shipping.

So woot, you’re replacing the word L.A.M.E. with Tennessee Titans? Dang, that’d be rough if I were a Titans fan! So if I write AWESOME, do you replace it with Seattle Seahawks? Let’s find out…

Well, I have to hand it to Wootazon. They finally turned the best part of the former woot into something so unenjoyable, sales-driven and ultimately impossibly frustrating that I will finally sign out for good. I tip my hat.

Thanks. That’s what I thought, not very convenient during a woot-off.

If I was sent to a waiting screen but it is now showing up under “stuff you bought”, did I get it?

Mine Shows up under “stuff you bought”, so if it’s not there, no you didn’t get it. sorry…