LENMAR® LED 3-in-1 Emergency Light Bulb

so is it possible to turn it off or does it detect that as power outage?

This bulb can be turned on and off like a regular bulb. When the bulb is off (controlled through a switch, dial, etc), it is still detecting a slight amount of current coming from the outlet. During a power outage, that slight amount disappears and activates the emergency function of the bulb. A good example of this in action would be to put the bulb in a lamp, then turn the lamp off from the switch. It should act like a normal bulb. If you pull the plug from the wall, however, the light should automatically pop on, because it will detect that it no longer has access to a power source. Once the bulb is activated in emergency mode, the button on the bulb can be used to control the brightness and SOS function so you can use it as a flashlight.

Is this light bulb suitable for outdoor use, where it will be fully exposed to the elements?