Lenmar PowerPort Mini External Battery Pack

Here are some reviews on amazon


And heres the manual


Here it is at Amazon.

LOL - I’ve got competition!

here’s the product website

and a short user manual

oooohhh…it’s compatible with my gazillion sansa clips! looks like i’m in. <=b

p.s. BIG kudos to woot for posting the link to the compatibility chart right on the front page.

will this work if you’ve had to install drivers on the PC to get the PC to charge your phone?

ie some motorola phones or some PDA phones

How about Lenmar’s website?

Nope! :slight_smile:

What would it take to get the included cable to work with micro-USB? Do they sell additional adapters?

Trying to figure out how to keep this charged AND charge my phone with limited cabling.

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for anyone that is wondering, 2.5 Wh (watt-hours) is 1 Ah 1000 mAh (milliamp hours) at 5V and 500mA.

The average cell phone battery is between 1000 and 2000 mAh, completely dead 0% to full 100%.

my samsung moment phone has a 1300 mAh battery.

can you use any usb cable with these?

These could be useful if you’re on the go - say, on a camping trip. But can you run your device, or do you have to wait until it recharges?

It says that an Apple adapter is included - does this mean that it can work for both for iPods and iPhones?

According to Amazon, yes, it should work for iPods and iPhones.

Edit: iPhone 3GS owner… in for 3.

Anyone know the MilliAmp Rating of the USB woot lights? If its less then 500 milliAmps then Portable Woot Lights!!

to all who are asking “will this work with my…” questions: save time and headaches by skimming through the compatibility doc linked through the woot description. i know that reading is hard, but i have faith that you can do this.

Answered my own question. Looks like you can use any usb cable with this, and they offer one with several extra tips. Even though it costs twice as much as this for the additional cable, the combined cost is still less than anything else even remotely similar.


*  Note: The Lenmar PowerPort Mini External Battery Pack is also compatible with the iPhone 3GS

on the makers website its says ipone 3gs wont work. i own a 3gs also but dont nbow if i should get one of these or not.

The compatibility table says it’s not compatible with my 3rd gen ipod touch. But can’t I just use my USB cable?