Lenovo 11.6” X-Series ThinkPad Notebook

This used to come with yogurt.

X… for Xtreme. You should buy this, go to sleep, and free up some bandwidth

Rock it like its 1998!

This is a nice little computer, unfortunately, they have a known problem of extreme overheating, so they aren’t lap appropriate:

your mom comes with yogurt

Looks like Windows 95 should be installed on it.

Not too bad for the price.


My lap has a known problem of overheating… but I feel that ‘issue’ is more of a bonus.

there was 1


your mom comes with a persian rug

The Think Vantage software could be a double-edged sword. It can come in quite handy, but I worry about the memory usage (no experience with this processor, just have a lot of this software on other older Lenovo models).

You guys remember Y2K? Because this comp does…

WTH? This thing dates back all the way to like to what like 2009 or 2010? This is one badass netbook; good screen resolution, 2GB RAM, wireless N, good onboard graphics chip (much better than what I have with my Atom one which can’t do anything HD). It figures that they put this up right after I went to sleep! How much was this going for BTW?