Lenovo 11.6” X-Series ThinkPad Ultraportable Notebook

froogled,great price woot

Does it max out at 4GB Ram or 8GB?

Be careful with the AMD chips and coming out of standby. Their power management isn’t always the greatest with videocard compatibility on the Lenovo’s and sometimes causes your display to be all lines if your drivers get updated prematurely (before they’ve been proven to be bug free).

Anandtech Review

So, do you have to sign up with some cell phone company or anything to take advantage of the 3G?

0.3 Megapixel camera… looks like no video calling on this little machine!

802.11N Means fast Internet capabilities, but at the same time you can still connect to older wireless routers.

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(and you just lost the game)
but won a great deal on a great netbook

Very tempting, although Lenovo just announced the successor to the X100e, the X120e, which goes on sale on February 15 according to a Lenovo rep commenting on this cheesy promo video. The X120e is slated to start at $400 just like the X100e is and has better specs including HDMI. I’d wait.

Looks like Lenovo is selling these for $399 starting w/ customizations.

To answer a previous question, 4GB max memory


What benefits does a netbook have over a regular laptop? Other than portability…


5/5 with 1 review.

Product website: here

Careful… that appears to have a different (much better) processor.

1.6GHz SINGLE-core, not dual-core, keep in mind.

No Windows or OS??

That’s kind of the point.

And the difference between this and a regular netbook is that it’s slightly faster and has a nicer keyboard.

It’s not that great of a deal. Base price for the single-core directly from Lenovo is $399. Still a $50 savings from Woot, but it’s not the $200+ savings the froogle links imply.

$508 here at Amazon

That Anandtech review is for the upgraded processor. For this one they say:

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