Lenovo 13.3" IPS Touch Monitor w/Digitizer Pen



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Lenovo 13.3" IPS Touch Monitor w/Digitizer Pen
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Product Page/Specs


All sorts of info can be found over at Engadget


Actually, no sorts of info can be found at the Engadget page. This is a better link to describe what you’re getting:

Also YouTube #1 and YouTube #2.


How can this exist? A touch pad with a stylus? Didn’t Apple just invent this today?


Just like a tablet, but… wired?


No, it is not a tablet. By itself, it doesn’t have any capability. You need to pair it with a working laptop/desktop computer. It acts as a screen with digitizer via USB. I highly doubt it will run Crysis :wink:


Oh good! I can start courtroom sketch school now!



The new apple pencil? Already? What witchcraft is this?


Can this be used like a Wacom drawing tablet, or is it not as good as one of those?


I think it would be called the Apple Stem, rather.


An actual deal on a useful product at a woot-of-the-past like price! I’m in.

This will be really handy when I am on the road and without my muliti-monitor desk setup.


Did my research, very much considering this.


I’m a graphic designer, and hobby illustrator.

After watching the apple pencil info I would go the route of pencil + iPad Pro any day.

The surface pro does have latency and corner issues. I own one and use it, but it’s limited and annoying, which for a superfluous piece of gear that makes it semi useless.

I would imagine some latency and edge issues on this thing too. Saving the extra $800 until November


It would be amazing if this could work on Android. But the Lenovo gods have not been so kind.


You would be better off waiting about a year for the 3rd iteration of the iPad Pro to come out, by then the bugs will be ironed out… never buy the first version of anything Apple sells they have a tendency to become orphan products very quickly… Look at the first iPads they were orphaned very quickly and the user left with large aluminum paperweights.


Great question if it is anything like my Lenovo Convertible tablet Laptop. Wacom makes the stylus. And the stylus is compatible with my galaxy note 3.


Almost went in, but reading reviews, it looks like you need a USB 3.0 port for this (and possibly two).

Not gonna work on my 4-year old desktop, sadly :frowning:


None of which has anything to do with this deal, which is a monitor, not a tablet.