Lenovo 13.3" IPS Touch Monitor w/Digitizer Pen



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Lenovo 13.3" IPS Touch Monitor w/Digitizer Pen
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9/10/2015 - $199.99 - Click To See Discussion (42 comments)


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All sorts of info can be found over at engadget


Yeeeeeeeah. No specs on processor? And RAM etc,? Come on…, We be not sheep. :expressionless:


It’s not a tablet, it’s a monitor.



It’s a touchscreen monitor, why would it have processor/RAM specs?


you plugs it in - yo


I got this in a previous woot.

Put simply:It’s awesome.

As medical student, I often study at school and find the frequent need for dual monitors/displays. Having this relatively small/thin, lightweight, portable option is really great.

The digitizer and pen/stylus work REALLY well with the latest drivers from Wacom. I don’t use it too often, as I really just need the second display function, but it’s very cool.

The included stylus is fairly small and narrow so I purchased a larger Wacom stylus with better ergonomics. It doesn’t stow into the display like the included stylus, but it’s nice to have cross compatibility. Wacom has supported the same technology for years so that really expands your options. Unfortunately, the eraser button on some Wacom styli (as some of you artists have come to love) is not supported.

It’s worth mentioning that, in a former life, I was a professional photographer, but still take pictures as a hobby. This tablet works really well with photoshop and lightroom and having the digitizer stylus makes it extremely useful for fine touch editing. Don’t expect color accuracy… save that for your dedicated monitor, but for editing and efficiency, this monitor is fantastic.

Also, if you have a touchscreen Windows 8, or higher, notebook, this compliments it quite nicely. There is a repeat of the task/tool bar along the bottom and you can even swipe gesture functions on the second screen. It works just as well as on the main laptop screen! The redundancy adds functionality and efficiency.

I don’t regret this purchase for even a second and wish Lenovo would continue to develop/refine it. In the mobile age, being able to have maximum functionality out in the field is essential.


I got one too and I love it also.

Which stylus did you get?

I have the bamboo feel stylus and it works with it, but it is more like a pen and less like the drawing tool I want. – I tried a couple of others and weren’t able to get them to work.



Missed it last time around and kept kicking myself. Begged shamelessly for Woot to bring it back…so I got one! Woot!


Comments from last time around (9/10):



Is it true that it requires USB 3.0, will not work with USB 2.0 connection ?


From what I’ve read in other reviews, it will turn on and will likely need a second USB port to provide enough power. However, you may be limited to either mirroring your main monitor or using one out of the two monitors (the other being “off”). I don’t think you’ll get full use with USB 2.0.


I bought one of these on the last Woot, and love it. It was a royal pain to set up, but that may well have been Win 10 in action. I got it working, and it’s lovely. I’m so glad I got it. I’m a fiber artist (translation: I turn fluff into stuff), and it makes it SO much easier for me to design my lace patterns and such with a pen. I use an extra stylus that I bought for my Note 4, and it works just fine.

Also, I agree with kencan420. I have found many instances where Woot is hardly the “deal” they claim. I still buy here from time to time, but before I do, I always comparison shop.


You need both. I suspect if you tried to use it on two USB 2.0 connections, you’d find that it would have a negative impact on performance, and that the power would be insufficient. I opted to plug mine into a USB 3.0 for the data, and into a USB charger for the extra power. I’m quite pleased with the result.


Got this last woot. Monitor is high quality and it mostly works on a Mac with the the latest displayLink drivers. However, it is impossible to find touchscreen drivers for Mac and therefore impossible to recalibrate the digitizer there. Accuracy decreases towards the edges but it does still work.

The display also has a 4gb memory card built in.


I checked the Lenovo support site and there is an updated driver specifically for Win 10. I plan to use that one, perhaps it would help your install?


I also agree that Amazon Woot isn’t the Woot of old, it’s really too bad. I do triple check deals before I buy but in this case, I thought too much about it the first time around and ended up missing it so I knew to jump on it if it ever came up again. The old Woot, no question if it was a deal, it just always was.

EDIT: I read the release notes, apparently these drivers, released in July, are the latest drivers for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10, includes many fixes. So the ones included with the monitors are now out of date, use these instead.


Please pardon my ignorance: If I understand this correctly: I can use it as a stand alone tablet over wi-fi OR use the included stand and have it next to an existing computer and use as an additional screen OR use it as an mini-computer via the included keyboard cover? Thanks.


No, there is no keyboard cover. This is more or less a monitor. On its own, not connected to a PC or laptop, its nothing but a paperweight. It doesn’t have a battery, it needs USB for power.